Andrew Niccol Mentions The Host As His Next Project

TheHostPBWhile doing PR for his current film, In Time director Andrew Niccol, The Host director and screenwriter commented briefly on the project.

The next thing you’re working on is The Host, which you’re adapting. What is the process when you’re working with original material vs. adapting a pre-existing novel?

NICCOL: This is the first time I’m going to be directing someone else’s story and it’s quite liberating actually because I don’t have to make it up. It’s there. It’s very freeing. If you write and direct it, it’s all your fault. There’s no one you can blame.

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  1. i love the book and can’t wait till the movie, BUT i feel like this is going to be a difficult job to do because most of the book is done inside of wanda’s head and its going to be hard to pull off but i have hope!!

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