Jackson Rathbone: “I like Alice’s Sexy Hair”

Jackson sounded off to Clevver TV on Ashley Greene’s Breaking Dawn hairdo.


  1. I love his obvious crush on Ashley, it is so cute!

  2. Can someone please tell me what he exactly says in this video? I’m French, and I didn’t understand everything… Thanks 🙂

  3. Man I missed you guys. I so love his crush on Ashley. I love how they all look.

  4. Hello PR How are you? Does anyone else notice that the only time that Jay and Ash coo over each other is at “Twilight” times. For all of you Jay/Ash shippers if they really wanted to date each other they would’ve by now. If they were really waiting until “Twilight” was over filming to date well filming is over now.

    • Well I think Jackson and Ashley are sweet,no matter when they speak of each other. They’re great freinds and they like each other alot. They kind of have a Sleepless in Seattle kind of relationship,where they can’t quite get together,but want to. I just enjoy seeing the cast and how supportive they are with each other.

    • Just because Jackson has a crush on Ashley doesn’t mean she feels the same about him. For all we know he could have tried asking her out and she rejected him. Just because they aren’t together doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for her. Plus, you are incredibly rude.

  5. It’s not being rude to state facts. If you go back and read or watch interviews they only talk about each other at certain times. I’m sick of people making their friendship into a big relationship when it’s not. I thought that this discussion would be filled with a lot of “Oh, They’re so perfect for each other” and “They HAVE to be a couple but, it’s not and I’m sorry.

  6. They only coo about each other during Twilight times because that’s when they’re asked about each other, obviously. Just saying. Who cares if they’re dating or not, as long as they support each other and their on screen chemistry delivers, that’s all that matters.

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