Video: Emily Browning Says Kristen Stewart Is “Perfect” as Bella Swan

Twilight fans that have been around since before there were Twilight Saga films know that Emily Browning was one of Stephenie Meyer’s top picks to play Bella Swan.  When the casting was announced, there were many fans who were upset that Browning wasn’t playing Bella.  At the time Browning said that she was “just exhausted” and “definitely didn’t want to sign on to a trilogy” at the time.  The actress now talks to Digital Spy about having “no regrets” about turning down the opportunity.  Keeping in line with the current Hollywood trend of modernizing classic fairy tales, Browning’s next film is Jane Campion’s Sleeping Beauty.  Leave us a comment and tell us how different you think the saga would have been  had Emily been cast instead of Kristen.


  1. Stewart may not have been what people wanted physically as Bella, BUT she really knows and loves that character. In all fairness, her performance in Twilight may have been more Stewart than Bella, but I can say(in my opinion) that in NM and Eclipse she has really embraced the character, and I think she totally gets it. She was heart breaking in New Moon, and in Eclipse she was just a natural as Bella. Browning is a great actress, but I don’t believe there are many young Hollywood actresses that can emotionally and mentally grasp, and portray characters like Stewart does. She seems to take every role very personally, as if you were to insult the character you’d be insulting her…AND I LOVE THAT!!!!

  2. Victoria Cullen Chmiel says:

    I just can’t picture Bella played by anyone else exept K-Stew.

    • I completely agree. The chemistry is perfect between the characters and Kristen is a perfect Bella,
      thank you Catherine Hardwicke.

  3. Taniatwilight says:

    Without Kristen there would not be Rob I think.

    • OR as hot as an on-screen romance since they have one off screen as well. I can’t see anyone else playing any of the parts. Didn’t like the switching of Victorias either. I still think the first one was the better one.

  4. Kristen was always what I had pictured in my mind for Bella. No one could play that part but her. The movies would have never taken off like they did if Kristen wasn’t in them. The passion she has for the beloved character is like non other.

    • Sorry but that’s bull. Kristen has had very little to do with the popularity of the Twilight Movies. It’s the fans devotion to the books that has made the movies sucessful. In all honesty, the first movie was pretty terrible and it still made a boat load of money.

  5. Hate to be the buzz kill….. but I still don’t like Kristen for the part of Bella =/ I have been waiting through 3 movies for her to prove me wrong, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I am not convinced by her investment in the character. When I watch her I feel like I am watching someone who can’t wait for this thing, she just happened to get caught up in, to be over (which is really sad and disappointing). I admit I did want Browning for the part from the beginning, and then when I saw Sucker Punch (where she really devoted her entire self to a movie that unfortunately didn’t do so hot at the box office), I was even more let down that she hasn’t been the Bella we all deserved (at least in my opinion) from the very beginning. I’m not a Kristen basher, I have watched many of her movies in which I feel she actually did very well (Welcome to the Riley’s anyone?)…. She has the look for Bella, yes. But, the enthusiasm for the part has always been lacking in my eyes =|

    • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know what everyone sees is Kristen Stewart. I don’t find her acting good at all. She only has two faces: Constipated and irritated. That’s it.

  6. I was never one to question Kristen Stewart as Bella. I think she is simply beautiful just like I imagined Bella to be. I read the books before the films even came out so I already had a Bella in my mind, but I was pleased when they announced Kristen. This is a great cast. I embrace the cast and only one of them I think does not do their character justice and that happens to be Taylor Lautner in his physical attributes and acting skills. They have made a new Jacob of sorts and I guess that is okay for the films, but when I read the books or even fanfiction I do not see him as Jacob. With the rest of the cast, I can imagine the characters look like them now, but not Taylor. I think they have all handled the pressure extremely well though and Browning is right. A lot of young actors who would have been thrust into the spotlight so fast would not have handled it like the cast, especially Rob and Kristen, so I am glad we have this cast.

  7. It’s no secret that I’m not Kristen Stewart’s biggest fan, but I do appreciate the love she has for Bella as a character. With all the anti-Twilight haters out there it would have been very easy for her to join them and trash Bella and say she was only doing Twilight for the money or publicity, but she defends her and the story and I like that.

    But it bothers me when people start saying that only she could have played Bella, or only Rob could have played Edward…because we’ll never know. We’ve never seen anyone else in those roles, so there’s no one to compare them to.

    Sorry, I’ve just been seeing that a lot lately and had to get it out of my system. 🙂

  8. Had Kristen not been given the part in the beginning I don’t believe that Rob would have fared quite so well. The chemistry between Rob and Kristen is obvious on screen and real life. Like Emily said…we can’t say that Kristen is the only one who could play Bella. She is the one we associate as Bella. Yes she created this character for the screen but had another actress been given the role we would only see her as Bella. Don’t get me wrong…I love Kristen and think she does a fantastic job giving life to Bella. She is our Bella.

  9. Chelsey Misiura says:

    Kristen is watch I physically imagined Bella to be. But Kristen’s acting has always been lacking.

    • Lunna-san says:

      That’s my impression too. When I see the movies, I have this feeling that I get too much Kristen and less Bella. he looks Bella just fine, but the doesn’t sound like her. But I blame Melissa Rosenberg and her stupidy, twisted, pro-Jacob scrips, not Kristen.

      And I’m sorry. But I don’t like Rob as Edward either. Why is he always with that look that he’s in pain?

  10. Kristen’s perfect as Bella. Without her Rob may not have been cast as Edward and the series may not have been such a success. Those two have fantastic chemistry on and off screen. in my opinion that’s helped make the series. A different Bella would have changed the whole dynamic. I think Kristen nailed the role another actress may not have been able to capture Bella’s quicks.

  11. Yeah it’s so weird how the cast now just seems so classic and kind of irreplaceable. That’s why i find it interesting that they almost replaced Taylor, because now, I cannot picture anyone else as Jacob Black. It seems weird to do so. Everyone right down to Michael Sheen as Aro seems classically cast.

  12. Kristen is what i imagine in my mind when i read twilight.Kstew is the perfect bella.

  13. When Kristen was announced for the role of Bella Swan,I watched some of her earlier films. After watching her performances in films like In the Land of Women and The Cake Eaters,I can’t picture anyone else portraying Bella. She has a handle on the character and how to play all of her vunerabilities. It will be interesting to see where she takes Bella in these last two films and see the evolution of her as a vampire. I can’t wait to see BD part 1 this november. It will probably be my new favorite Twilght film and the best one yet.

  14. Kristen Stewart is the PERFECT Bella. Without her, the whole movie franchise falls apart for me. For me, Bella Swan is the worst protagonist to influence our young readers but Kristen brings a new element to Bella that’s not in the books. Without her, there is no Rob, and Rob happens to be the perfect Edward, as well.

  15. Kristen Stewart is the perfect actress for the role. My god, I read the book, and she just thought in my head, and when I went to see the premiere, I thought she was the perfect person. It acts as Bella, Bella as she speaks, she would be a perfect Bella. And I do not agree with Taniatwilight, but Rob would not Kristen! He is perfect!

  16. I don’t know why everyone is so pro kristen for this part. I don’t hate her as a person, just as Bella. She makes the movie akward, it doesn’t flow and she isn’t as pretty Bella should be.
    You see all these guys in forks trying to ask her out and your wondering why?
    Kristen not that attractive, and Bella is supposed to be attractive. And before you disagree, if you read the book, you’ll know that Bella describes herself and Bella doesn’t think herself beautiful but everybody else in the book tells her she is, including edward. So yes, she is very attractive.

    Kristen and Robert don’t have chemistry, I cringe everytime they try to be romantic with eachother, like listening to someone scratching a chalkboard.
    Kristen has more chemistry with Taylor than with Robert if anything. If you pay attention to when she is with Taylor, she speaks normally, like there’s a flow between them.
    Kristen acting skills when is comes to softer characters are really bad, her trying to show emotion seems fake, when she talks its like a nervous stutter, she doesn’t have a stutter when she speaks, instead of struggling to say a certain word, she struggles to say a sentence, no flow.
    Kirsten in my opinion would be better in action films, playing a strong female lead who kicks ass. When she plays soft characters, it doesn’t look believable, I saw her in the runaways as Joan Jett, it was believeable because Joan is a strong tough chick and Kristen nailed the role.

    I think Kristen is cool and I admire her devotion to the character and the fact that she is trying, or at least I think she is. But I really think she is just not the one for the role.

    Emily browning definitely made a mistake not taking on the role as Bella, she was the one who fit it completely. She is soft spoken and she flows in soft character roles. She is enjoyable to watch too, I loved her in sucker punch and the uninvited.

    She isn’t in the spotlight yet, she needs a movie that makes her career and because she gets “exhausted” and takes long breaks because of it she won’t get it anytime soon.

    Actors who want the spotlight and right movie to make their career, work endlessly and tirelessly to get it, always in movies every year and eventually if they do good, they get it.
    Being Bella would have made her career and she would have been able to get any role she wanted.

    I am totally confident she would have done an amazing job in the role. In all honesty I think she does regret not taking the role, just doesn’t want to admit it.

    Everybody else in twilight, all of the actors fit their characters perfectly.

    And before you assume, I have read the all the books and know them well. I am disappointed about how they went about some of the movies. Breaking dawn was somewhat improved, a lot more true to the book as the movies should be.
    Kirsten still made it awkward though.

  17. I think Emily Browning would have made the Twilight saga sooooo…much better, she would of fit in with the rest of the characters in the casting, where as Kristen Stewart fit better in the other movie she did in The Runaways!! Kristen Stewart just doesnt have the class as the portrail that Bella should of had…she seemed out of place in character like a trailer in Beverlyhills. Emily plays different in every movie….she fits her characters and Kristen Stewart acts the same in every role she plays with no emotion…strait faced….and she is already awkward, so….when she is pretending to be awkward like in the scene in the first Twilight when Edward asks her about the weather… just came off as hard to understand what she was trying to express…Emily is more natural….her acting doesnt seem forced, and for those of you who say Kristen made Twilight……its just the opposite Twilight made Kristen!!


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