Video: Kellan Lutz Visits Israel

Kellan Lutz visited Israel along with several other performers. According to Israeli agency the JTA Kellan was in the country as part of the America’s Voices in Israel program.

“This is my second trip to Israel,” Lutz told reporters at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem. “Before I was very ignorant of what Israel had to offer. I think that people are not really informed of the way the country is developed, of the way the people are here.”

He added, “The only downside of coming to Israel is that as soon as you get here, you realize how much more there is to see in such a short time, so I’ll definitely be back.”


  1. They’re trying to show that Israel is not just like a big desert or a war zone like it’s like in a lot of people’s minds, yet they only show footage from the south which is like the desert… Not so smart LOL… But Kallen rocks and I really hope I’ll get the chance to see him next time he’s here! He’s such a sweetheart!!!

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