Breaking Dawn Part 1 Full Trailer Shot By Shot part 3

Here are the links to part one and to part two


  1. christine Brewer says:

    Thank you soo much for taking the time to get each really lets you take it in more..SOO excited..cant wait.. november 18 needs to hurry up 🙂

  2. What is the deal with Charlie in the suit looking like he’s at a funeral? Does anyone else see what I see? Am I over-analyzing this?? (surely not…)

    How terribly disappointing if they write out the Charile/Bella post-transformation relationship.

    • I totally agree! He looks very sad…

      Maybe it’s just an out of order scene. After all he’s in his suit which would only be @ the wedding since Charlie doesn’t ‘suit up’. Lol

      • I don’t know where the suit comes in, but from his expression I’m thinking that it’s about a moment of sadness, fear, impotence and frustration from knowing that his daughter is seriously, seriously ill and that not only does he not know what’s going on, he can’t help, and he can’t even see her. To me that is the face of a desperate parent with a sick child. I can’t wait to find out!!!!”

    • Remember in the book as Bella and Edward are leaving for the honeymoon and she is looking for Charlie and he is over against the wall behind everyone, and he has reddish eyes like he has been teary?? I think that is probably what that shot relates to.

      • It says that it’s from part one n part two! So the Charlie scene is prob from when he first goes to see bells or around that time! the scene with irina is Defo in part two!

      • sparklevamp says:

        I was thinking that too, but he’s not wearing the same suit. I’m guessing its an extra tid-bit they aded in where Charlie tries to come see her and they shoot him down.

  3. Why is Alice in the room when Bella falls to the floor right before her delivery? Isn’t she supposed to be out hunting with Jasper and the rest of the family?

    • Alice and Jasper returned from hunting before Carlisle and Esme because they were going on looking for more blood for Bella. In the book, Rosalie yells to Alice to get Carlisle on the phone.

  4. olympic coven says:

    The movie won’t be exactly like the book, they never are. It’s still great!! Month after next!

    • Exactly. Some things need to change but it doesn’t matter. Once you see the movie 9 or 10 times, lol, you start to realize why things were shot a certain way. I can’t wait for November!!!

  5. In that last shot of Bella on the hospital bed it almost looks like she’s wearing her wedding band on her left hand and The Diamond on the right. This would explain the teaser poster that came out last week…

    PS – Loving angry, screaming Edward!

  6. Did anyone catch irina with the volturi? Does this lead us to believe that she sees Bella,Jacob and reneesme hunting in part 1?

    • I don’t think thats Irena. The still up there looks to be Giovani? I could be wrong though!

      • CullenCoven says:

        I think it is. In the first trailer, a blonde chick who looked just like her got thrown up against a marble pillar. I’m pretty sure she’s a human. And pretty sure she gets eatin. Just saying.

  7. And (to quote Bella) “Holy Crow!!” How they made her face all bony!! Even her FINGERS look skeletal!!! The papery, dried out skin!! Man, I imagined Bella “sick” but, wow, just wow! Also, I think these performances are gonna be the absolute best!! I can’t even start naming the instances that make me think so!! Ok, a few: Jacob/Bella moment at the wedding, Jacob when he’s crying in desolation outside the house…MORE angry Edward, that moment Bella is sitting by herself in her bathroom, that scream from the birth scene…I could go on!!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait!!!!

  8. i was on the verge of tears until I saw the shot of charlie and I was done.

  9. Maybe it’s just me but in the first shot with Esme, Carlisle, Edward and Jacob it looks like Edward and Jacob have blood on their shirts which I assume is Bella’s. I thought Breaking Dawn Part 1 was going to end at the birth scene/Bella’s transformation? If Edward and Jacob are outside speaking to the wolf pack with blood all over them where does the movie end and the second one start?

  10. PixieWings36 says:

    I think the brief scene where Charlie is crying might be Jacob imagining what will happen when they return from the Honeymoon. Remember when he says something about wondering if Bella will be able to lie still enough for her parents to view the ‘body’? Just a possibility. @kimdave1965, I noticed the same thing with the blood. My thoughts are this is happening after the birth and imprinting, but during Bella’s transformation when she’s ‘burning’. This would deviate a little from the book because Edward refuses to leave her during this time, but that’s the only thing I can think of. I think when Jake says “If you kill her, you kill me” he’s talking about Renesmee, not Bella. I think the movie will end when Bella opens her red vampire eyes- which would take place after that.

    • I agree with you Pixie. Besides, Stephanie M stated that to her, that’s when Part 1 should end. Bella opens her blood red Vampire eyes. And that Part 2, picks up at the beginning of her Vampire life…


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