Breaking Dawn Part 1 Full Trailer Shot By Shot part 1

Here is the first collection there are over 100 shots. More to come.

Here’s the link to part 2

Here is the link to part 3


  1. love em<33

  2. Gah! More, more, more! I love the lighting of this film that we’ve seen in the trailers and the stills. It was so beautiful.

  3. I really appreciate your keeping us up to date on all things Twilight and LOVE the Breaking Dawn Pt 1 Screen Caps. Thanks for all you do…. Great job!

  4. olympic coven says:

    This is great!!! Bill Condon deserves another Oscar.

  5. Awesome,can’t wait no more …love it. Thank you Bill and Ms.Meyer…..

  6. I have to say, as much as I loved the trailer- like really loved it- the best part was seeing Bella teary when she was dancing with Jacob because I am SO happy to finally see some good emotion out of Kristen Stewart!

  7. Is that Stephenie Meyer in the shot of the guests?? At the very end next to Wyck Godfrey??

  8. CullenCoven says:


  9. What does Bella say to her father at the beginning of the trailer? I have tried five times to make it out and it is not clear to me. Thanks!
    Oh, and I love the trailer! Can’t wait to see the movie.


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