Breaking Dawn: What We Know and Don’t Know

Giving a run down of the facts, MSNBC’s Today Movies section breaks apart recent interviews from Entertainment Weekly and USA Today as well as various comments from Comic Con to hone in on just what we know will and won’t happen in Breaking Dawn Pt 1.  From the simple but elegant wedding dress to the pillow biting honeymoon, through the blood drinking pregnancy and the C-section birth, they catch all the details the stars and filmmakers have managed to let slip out over the past few weeks.

So we want to know what isn’t confirmed?  What is something in the books that we haven’t heard about that you are really hoping makes it into the final cut?  Leave us a comment telling us which unconfirmed moments you are still crossing your fingers for.

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  1. I want to see the exchange between Rosealie & Jake where she goes in the kitchen, bends a metal bowl into a dog dish . She then w/ her nail scratches his name into it & puts the food she made for him in it. After eating he flings the bolw @ her head. Priceless humor as only Stephenie can deliver! Here’s hoping! ;}

    • I had completely forgotten that scene! Now i really want that scene in too lol

    • CullenCoven says:

      That would add the humor of the book to the movie. The movies don’t have any of the light heartedness and humor some parts of the book have. Like “penguins. Lovely.” And stufff like that. The movies are real dark and heavy. They need the dogbowl scene to lighten iit up a little.

  2. Amanda Samora says:

    I want to see Edward and Bella on Bella’s first hunt. How she smells the human and runs away. And the fight she has with the mountain lion. And of course the part where Edward just watches her. I like that.. He says “old habits die hard” I think its cute on how he “teaches” her how to hunt. OH!!! and when she opens her eyes for the first time and the whole Cullen clan is there. Thats funny too…..!

  3. smitten_by_twilight says:

    “believable. Like a movie with C-section by fang needs to be.” ROTFL!!!

    I don’t need to see Rosalie make the dog bowl, but I would love to see Jacob nail her with it. I question whether it will stay for time considerations. I’m curious about what they’ll do with the conversation between Edward and Jacob right after Jacob shows up the first time … I don’t think swapping Bella can be made PG-13. How about Seth scarfing down cinnamon rolls and Leah throwing the food in the river?

    How many days now?

  4. I love the picture of Rob and Kristen. So beautiful <3 Robsten

  5. Lynne Stringer says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What I most want from BD part 1 is: JEALOUS BELLA!

  6. i know this isn’t a big deal but i just laughed hysterically at this part of the book i felt so uncomfortable it took me forever to read it but i really hope they have that part when bella wakes up from the dream of them having sex and thats how she convinces him to do it again. i also hope they show her bruises and his being upset the next morning! bc so far i haven’t seen any pics of her with bruising….. :/

    • I hope they do not show the bruising. Even though Edward doesn’t mean to I think it would be morbid. I think it should be implied about soreness but teens and tweens will be watching this. Don’t want bruising to be connected with that and teens thinking that’s what should be expected after sex. Maybe from being in an abusive relationship all thru high school I’m more sensitive but there are teens out there in abusive relationships that may see that and think its normal.

      • Lynne Stringer says:

        I think they will need to show some, or else the audience won’t understand why Edward thinks she was hurt. He would have no reason to think it if there was no physical evidence.

      • Its base on a book about a human girl and vampire…OMG…That stuff happen in the book!!!!

  7. Twilight dreamer says:

    After watching the trailer for part one im just so glad their including the breaking of the headboard and feathers lol 😉 its just wow….lol but thats just my mind…

  8. JeanBrown says:

    I am looking forward to every thing. I cant wait for the dvd because i feel thet will be able to add somethings that they could not because of the PG-13 rating.Oh one of the things i am not looking forward to is what happens when Bella comes back home knockup and it looks like the stupid triangle is on again. Bella is married and carry another mans baby and i dont want to see Jake fawning over her. Let Jake have some kind of pride.

  9. I want to see the moment when Edward can “hear” Renesmee and falls in love with her as much as Bella already is.

  10. The scene I want is in Breaking Dawn part II the one when Edward “tries” to teach Bella how to fight that was like my favorite moment from the book and it was only like 5 or 6 lines


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