New Full Size Breaking Dawn Poster

Here is the full length view of the the teaser poster that came out during Comic Con.  Tell us your thoughts in the comments! Update from Summit, this is not the official poster in the sense that this is what’s going to hang in movie theatre lobbies. It’s an item that fans are going to be able to buy from NECA the official licensees of various Twilight Saga merchandise.


  1. Why oh why does everyone’s hair look like crap?! I’m so excited, but tired of the lack of continuity!

    • I totally agree… BAD hair.

      • Summit are the kings of bad wigs, makeup and wardrobe. lol The hair from the 1st movie was best. Peter seems to get the shortest end of the stick in the hair and makeup dept. In New Moon, Jasper’s hair looked like some creepy dude at the mall who offers kids candy and Peter had a hairspray helmet going on.

        • alyssa lasquite says:

          i totally agree summit are the king of bad wigs,make up and wardrobe.
          i want warner brothers hold this movie
          warner brothers are good in this category..
          in the way of wigs, make up and wardrobe..

    • well bella has a wig since she cut her hair to that 80s hair cut for the movie the run aways, so i think they tried to air brush it to make it look more real so they had to air brush everyone , i hate the wig!!

      • I dont think its entirely a wig, i think its extensions to blend in with her natural hair but still, at least in this poster, I dont like how she and Alice’s hair look either.

      • Robsten fan says:

        Actually, Kristen is not wearing a wig. She has extensions, but the rest is hers. The only movie she had a wig was for Eclipse.

    • Tara Pryde says:

      I am so with you. I adore Twilight and am so excited for the next movie, but I am having a difficult time getting past Carlisle’s and Alice’s hair. Why mess with something that was working just fine? BLEEEECH!

    • Tottaly agree. kinda dislike this poster

    • I was just thinking that

    • Hahaha- I have to say though, that their hair looks much better than in the last two movies. Jasper’s hair has been inexcusable- like they want him to look like a crazy person.

  2. sparklevamp says:

    ooooooooooh! This is gunna be so AWESOME! I can’t wait!! x)

  3. Are we ever going to have a poster, ever again have just Edward & Bella? Come on Summit! Been waiting since Twilight. I thought for sure Breaking Dawn would be it since there isn’t the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle anymore. I still have hopes they’ll release one.

    • Are you kidding? there are MANY posters with them on together for the other movies and there will be countless ones for this. I for one would like to see a poster that is NOT Them, Jacob, the pack or the Volturi. In other words, a poster of the Cullens minus them for once. They did it for the wolves, they did it for the Volts, why not do it for the family?

      If you’re looking for posters with just them, google it and just wait patiently for the Breaking Dawn one to surface. *Shrugs.*

      • I agree with you, I would love to see a Volturri poster too.. I still like this one tho’ and would love to have it for movie night around my house…:)

    • Melinda Hyde says:

      I don’t know about a poster but I know where you might be able to get a throw with Edward and Bella. Look on Lakeside Collection. I know they had them before. I bought one from them. I love the poster, and would love to get one. Does anyone knowhow to find one?

  4. Wow Bella looks SO mature… Not at all like the little teenager!!

  5. weeew i cant wait to see this part 1 end movie. i hope it will be almost perfect as what i have read in the book ((:

  6. i like the fact that jacob is not between edward and bella he is off to the side and they are holding on to each other.

  7. The poster itself is not bad but I totally agree that their hair looks totally horrible….you’d think after four movies they could get it a little better….the coloring of the whole thing looks a little weird….but the movie is gonna be awesome I’m sure!!!

  8. IT looks awsome but why is jacob with the cullens in the movie poster ans why is jaspers hair a different color then the rest of the movies it was blonde and now it is brown what is up with that

  9. Poster is not bad. And it’s not awesome either.

    I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!!

    And have I said I am excited?! LOL

  10. Emmett’s hair looks really weird. And Jacob’s clothes look expensive, must be some of the one’s Esme gave him as a gift. And don’t you think the newlyweds would look happier since they are wearing their honeymoon attire? At least put them in different outfits if you want them to look so forelorn? But overall, I’m just really glad it is not that plalin teaser poster that nobody wants!

  11. Ah. Summit and their horrid wigs. Also, this cast looks in need of some Prozac. The hair was best in the first movie.

  12. They all look miserable. Get them some vampire Prozac. lol

    • No kidding. You’d think they’d display a victorious smile on Edward’s face, right?? They both looked happier in the “Twilight” posters.

  13. Apologize for the multi posts. my puter is being weird.

  14. I have to disagree with most of the comments on here. I like the poster except for the fact that Bella and Edward looks depressed….like always. (Is it just me or have they never smiled at all in the series?) I mean never!!!! Seriously, really watch the series and you will never see them smile…except for the few seconds at the beginning of New Moon when Edward arrives at school. Oh, at the end of Eclipse and when she says yes.

    Alice’s hair is supposed be short and spiky, but I can deal with it not being spiky. She looks amazing just like the fashionista she is. Jasper’s hair looks good as well. It’s still blonde, people. It just looks darker because of the lighting.

    Jacob….needs to leave. I’m not a Jacob fan so I really don’t care about him. However, I do Like Taylor. Frankly, I hated the Renesme and Jacob twisted…..too weird for me. Now, I do understand why he is standing with the Cullen’s. (He helps protect Bella.) Still, it should just be the Cullen’s for part one.

    Emmett’s hair is supposed to be curly and it looks like that it finally is. And let’s face it, he looked like a Vulcan in Eclipse. Rosalie looks good just like she did in Eclipse.

    Carlisle and Esme looks amazing like they always do. They need to be featured more than what they are.

    I think everyone is being too critical with it because Bull Condon is directing it. Well, don’t the only series that got close to the books was Lord of the Rings….Summit should have took a point from that. I, personally, didn’t like the first two movies. I think that this will be a great movie and possibly better than the others……I hope.

    Now, y’all can say what you will. Rant over.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said. I do find it weird that Jacob is on the same level as Edward and Bella and I guess the boy hit a growth spurt because in the films he is never as tall as Edward. I guess Taylor Lautner can thank photoshop for that. And why are Jacob’s close so expensive looking? They totally dropped the ball on that in the films as well. He is from La Push and does not come from money. It was another contrast between him and Edward that even he brought up. In this poster he looks pretty designer and his stance is like he is trying to be a model….too much Taylor Lautner, not enough Jacob Black.

      I just wish they had him in the background instead of acting like the love triangle is alive and well. It is over. She is getting married, get over yourself! Besides that, I actually like the poster. It would be nice if the Cullens did not look so tiny and I will be the first to admit that the poses always look so generic. They do not fit the mood of each movie. Bella and Edward always look depressed, the Cullens always look like they are about to fight, and Jacob always has his chest pushed out. Can we get some diversity Summit?

      • I don’t understand why everyone is getting upset about which poster was the best. Personality, none of them was that great, but if I had to choose it would be the first one. Just the two of them.

        Taylor is a great looking guy and sweet, but JACOB is barely in part one. Part one is Cullens, Swans, and wedding. Jake comes in to cause a scene like a baby. Yes, I know he’s in love with her or thinks he is, but she made her decision now deal with it. I don’t think that Jake’s clothes looks expensive. I’ve seen nice stuff at Wal-Mart, but I think it’s been Photoshopped one too many times.

        Rosalie should not be very close to Bella yet, because she doesn’t help Bella til part two.

        I still LOVE Twilight (the novel), but the movies leave me disappointed and wishing for scenes that should have been in the movies. For instance, they never mention the Denali Coven and they didn’t have Laurent go to meet them and he didn’t play with Irina! They didn’t mention how the Cullens met or Emmett’s back story or Esme’s and not enough of Carlisle’s. That James knew Alice and we didn’t find out her past. We missed some information about the pack, you know about imprinting like we learned in Eclipse the novel. And there’s more, of course, but you already know that.

        So much has been missed in the series.

        There has been no continuity at all. They add things that they forgot later. (By the way, has anyone notice that they have yet to mention Bella’s sickness around blood?) That is one of the reasons she can keep her bloodlust under control.

        It makes me wonder how they are going to fully get the story correct in Breaking Dawn. Please do not misunderstand me. I can’t wait to see the movie….I’ve seen all of them in the theater. (Okay, I walked out during Twilight. So sue me.) There was not enough sarcastic moments and funny moments in the series, movie wise.

        I’m just saying that the movies have been far from perfect and the posters match that….there is no reason to argue about it. The books will always be better than the movies and that’s what really matters. We can always count on the books to make us smile and laugh. And like everyone says, this is just the teaser. Maybe we need to take a step back and wait til the movie comes out. And then fully judge on appearances. They always look better in the movies than in the pictures, right?

        Sigh, this is a moot point anyway. Everyone has different opinions. We are all Twilight fans here!

    • He sooo looked like Spock in Eclipse. LOL It looked like he meant to play Spock but wandered over to the wrong set. lol

  15. I LOVE the poster 🙂 Of course, I’m pretty sure I would love anything about Breaking Dawn at this point considering I’m completely addicted to Twilight. What do they call it OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)? Yeah…definitely my problem 😀

  16. Mary Masen says:

    Alice is in a skirt!!!!!!!!!!! Well, as for Jacob being there with all the Cullens, IDK….
    Rosalie should have been standing closer to Bella.

  17. I was hoping that the official first poster of the cast would have Bella and Edward front and center looking happy and in love with the family and others behind them, but I keeping forgetting that Summit loves Jacob.

    The poster, IMO, would look better if Jacob was on the same footing as the rest of the family, and not in front next to Edward and Bella (wishful thinking on my part) or wasn’t there (again, wishful thinking on my part).

  18. I like it, but…. It’s like Harry Potter 4. My friend calls that the “Hair Movie” when every teenage male actor, aside from RPatz, sported a shag do. Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Edward all hit the salon, and Emmet seems to have fluffed out. Alice actually looks kinda like a Soccer Mom. I liked her look the best in “Eclipse.”

  19. I am excited to see the movie…I get a little disappointed every time I see a new poster becasue there is some fan art out there that blows original stuff away. My favorite hands down will always be the first Twilight poster and it kind of sums it all up for me…. Just Edward and Bella in the end.

  20. I like the poster but Jacob is hardly in he first part of the book so he shouldn’t really be there. Also, why does Edward look like he’s constipated?? They should be smiling are look a little more happier. I love Twilight & these are just my opinions. I think a silloute of Bella in her wedding gown would be an awesome poster.

  21. why cant they just leave edwards hair the way it was in twilight!? THAT was the perfect hair!

  22. I wonder if it is in TL’s contract to have him in the front even if it is not right for the posters? We all know Summit loves them some TL so I would not be surprised if they just decided to superimpose him in the front because they can. It just looks weird for any fan whoever read the books and especially since this is for Part 1. Why is Jacob Black on the same level as the two main characters? And I agree with some other comments on here. Rosalie should be closer to Bella.

  23. P.S. – Weren’t there multiple teaser posters for all the movies? Maybe Summit is saving the best for last. . .

  24. I love this poster, I wish there was a larger version.

  25. Not a fan at all. I wish the BD posters (and the ones for EC) were more like the ones for TW & NM= just Bella & the Cullens.

  26. taylorandrobarehot says:

    Okay enough raging on summit cause most of us are mad and want to know more about what’s going on in the movie before it comes out. Some very good points were pointed out but I’d like to point out to some or you who think like Rebecca up there does this is only a teaser trailer and they put Jacob up front because its not team Cullen or team rosealie its team Edward and team Jacob and occasionally team Switzerland. So that explains that the official should be out in two months tops we have been waiting for breaking dawn for a while we can wait a month or two longer.

    • If there was no favoritism being shown by Summit then the Cullen’s would be more prominently displayed, but they’re not, they are little figures in the back that can barely be seen compared to Edward, Bella and Jacob. And Seth and Leah would be there too, but they aren’t. And secondly, this is a poster (a picture that doesn’t move) not a trailer (a moving picture with audio), we don’t like in the magical world of Harry Potter where developed pictures from a simple disposable camera can come to life when developed, the closest we’ve got is video and digital picture frames to store photo’s.

      I hadn’t realized that wanting the couple that got married front and center was wrong considering that this story is supposed to be about them. Bella made her choice in EC when she said yes to marry Edward, so wanting Summit to respect that by putting Jacob back a little in the BD official pictures,isn’t wrong. Just because you seem okay to keep quiet with where Jacob is located doesn’t mean others are going to keep quiet about it.

      I would like to know where is says that it’s wrong to want and expect that Edward and Bella are front and center in the conclusion to their story because it seems that every time someone expresses the opinion that they want less Jacob displayed on the official posters and products, particularly for BD, they are told that Jacob is important to the story or that he has a significant following and that he belongs up with with Edward and Bella.

      It’s starting to feel like every time I post an opinion here at the blog that isn’t popular opinion, specifically concerning Jacob, there’s someone, like you, there telling me I’m wrong for forming my own opinion and not following herd mentality when it comes to Jacob at this site.

  27. Bored

  28. First-I hate most of these posters. They are just so airbrushed they are unrealistic! My favorite poster, movie, make-up, hair, etc. was Twilght. I hate what they did to their make-up and hair in New Moon. I guess they decided to stay with it in Eclipse. I was hoping that they wouldn’t continue that in Breaking Dawn but it looks like they are. I agree with many when you all say that Summit is the king of bad hair, make-up and wigs. Now on the other hand, I have to disagree with some when you say that Jacob shouldn’t be out front with Bella and Edward. If anyone has forgotten, the second part of the book was written from his point of view. Now, I am Team Edward all the way, but I have to say that Jacob was as big a character in this movie/book as he was in the others if not more. I’m just saying…

  29. WTH! They all look awful!

  30. I agree with the lack of continuity. It’s so irritating! With the bigger budgets they’ve had for these films, the characters just don’t look good. It’s ridiculous. Each film they’re different. Jasper notably. You would think they could find people in the industry who can do a better job. I also don’t care for this poster.
    Not to mention the screenplay. Melissa Rosenberg has done a crap job with them. The guy who did Harry Potter, did one hundred times better with adapting the books to film.

  31. Where Can I Get One!!?? I cant wait to put that on my wall !

  32. What’s up with their hair? Was the hairdresser drunk or something? O_o I like the other posters a lot better, but it’s not bad .

    Hope all you Twilighters out there want to help me with something; I’m participating in a contest with some necklaces that I’ve made (one with the Twilight book cover, a dreamcatcher and more) and was hoping you could vote for me, Every ‘like’ is a vote, so I hope you like my handmade necklaces

  33. This posters made my heart pump more faster. im so exited . i cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Can i just click a remote and go to november that easily? LOL

  34. Will somebody PLEASE go find whoever did Edward’s hair in the first movie, hire him/her, and reshoot Breaking Dawn. Thanks.

  35. CullenCoven says:

    This poster kinda really sucks.

  36. Dawnika Stephenson says:

    I am so excited about Breaking Dawn!
    I love the poster,as much as any of them that had Bella and Edward both. I don’t like the ones they had that didn’t have Bella and Edward though. Like the ones with only the Volturi or just a landscape like the first Breaking Dawn poster. I like the pinkish,burgundy like color It’s highlighted In. I like that Edward and Bella are dressed up in their honeymoon clothes. Although It would have been cooler if they had them wearing their wedding clothes (his tux and her wedding dress),but the movie wasn’t just about the wedding so I see why they didn’t dress In their wedding clothes. I like that they were not just standing together,but sort of snuggling. Or Bella was. I don’t mind if Jacob or the Cullens are In the scene,as long as Edward and Bella are there together. They aren’t smiling,but that’s not bad,very fitting naturally,because they rarely smile,when the big stuff is happening in the movie anyway. Besides all the Twilight posters are trying to portray,the serious,dangerous mood the movies always have. It’s not like their frowning either. It would look a little too goofy If they had this huge grin on their faces. Not that the characters are overly sad or angry,just this Is part of the vampire life. More calm,not too overly happy. As far as hair,yes they change their hair too much,sometimes. But only Alice and Jasper’s Is drastically different or bad. But I prefer Jasper’s hair how It was In Twilight and this poster,and I guess this next movie too! I liked Alice’s hair better In the previous movies,cause it was cuter,longer,and more girly. But according to the graphic novels,this poster’s hair is closer to how Alice looked In Stephenie’s visions of the book,being shorter hair. Yes, Jacob’s clothes seem more fancy, but they were probably just wanting him to match his clothes with Edward’s and Bella’s with being more dressy. But It wasn’t like they put him In a tux or something even more dressy.

  37. ILUVCARLISLE says:

    I am also disappointed in the poster and haircuts/colors. It is hard to see them making any money off this poster.

    Wouldn’t a vampire’s hair not be able to grow back, so they wouldn’t want to cut it like they did Alice’s in the first place? That is what bothers me the most.


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