According to Arizona Central:

One of the actors who plays a werewolf in the hit “Twilight” movies was arrested Monday in Mesa on an outstanding warrant and suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office records.


Kiowa Gordon, 21, is being held in lieu of $1,000 bond on suspicion of driving under the influence and has a court appearance scheduled in a Mesa city court at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 18, according to the records.


A warrant was issued for Gordon after he failed to appear in court following a Feb. 9, 2010, guilty plea in Scottsdale Municipal Court to possession and use of drug paraphernalia and giving liquor to a minor/underage consumption, according to the records. Gordon is being held on an additional $500 bond on these charges.”

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EDITED: Arizona Central (which we have always in the past found to be a credible news source that covers Stephenie Meyer and Twilight connected stories in the Phoenix region) has pulled their story.

It seems that there is more going on here and TMZ managed to get details via the actual police report. They state that “Actor Kiowa Gordon — who plays shapeshifting werewolf Embry Call in the “Twilight” movies — was arrested in Tempe, Arizona early Monday morning … this according to the Tempe Police Department.

Gordon was NOT busted for DUI, as reported by local AZ media — but rather, he was arrested for an active warrant stemming from a drug paraphernalia possession arrest in 2010. ” See more on TMZ.


  1. Poor kid. Bet he was just trying to have fun with his buddies. Should have known better with his fame and everything.

    • “Bet he was just trying to have fun with his buddies.” -jarrah

      Excuse me???? I hope you’re not suggesting that driving after, or while, drinking is ever an okay form of fun. EVER!

      That said, I truly wish Kiowa the best and hope he can learn to act more responsibly.

    • poor kid? really? he broke the law. he didn’t show up for court (and was possibly driving under the influence). actors need to realize that they aren’t immune from the law.

      and he was “just trying to have fun with his buddies”?! really? if he was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol he is an IDIOT. i don’t care who you are, if you choose to drink, you DO NOT DRIVE. you can kill someone…

      i may sound harsh, and it’s probably because i’m tired today, but this kid should get no sympathy. i know i wouldn’t if i were stupid enough to a.) skip a court date, and b.) drive under the influence.

  2. Stupidity is what it is….I hate seeing someone who gets famous act like their above the law. Drinking and drugs, giving a minor alcohol. What was he thinking. And then not showing up for a court date shows he thinks he’s better than the law. I hope he’s learned from this lesson and straightens up. I hate to see another talented actor succumb to the dark side of fame. I’ll just never understand it. You got a chance to succed in life and given a great oppurinity, just to piss it away.

  3. Does he need to be bailed out?Lol i’d help him.

    • Ummm, this isn’t funny. He did something very wrong and very stupid, and then exacerbated it by not showing up for his court date. Not making very intelligent choices, is he?

    • He doesn’t need a bailing out, he needs to wake up…fun with his friends? He could have killed someones loves ones, or himself! He needs to show responsibilty, man up, show up for court and get help if needed. What may seem like fun and games isn’t. Drinking and cars do not mix…EVER

  4. I don’t have respect for people who chose to drink and drive,famous or not.

  5. TeamJellaFTW says

    Gosh, Kiowa.
    And for all of you who didn’t know: driving under the influence doesn’t mean just drunk driving; it’s for under the influence of drugs as well. Being high behind the wheel is just as bad and dangerous as being drunk behind the wheel.

  6. I was afraid some people would try to make excuses or defend this kind of behavior. I do not care if he was playing Jacob Black and the whole fandom was Team Jacob, this is wrong. He could have killed someone. Driving under the influence is stupid and irresponsible. I wonder how Summit will handle this. Hopefully he will learn from this, but in no way can this be used to make him the victim. He was stopped for suspicion and arrested for a warrant. The guy has some issues that need to be worked out. Chaske manned up about his past with drug abuse, so hopefully Kiowa will do the same. I do not care what his personal values or morals are in life, but driving under the influence is not just dangerous for him. It is dangerous for anyone on the road while he is.

  7. TroysMyAngel says

    if y’all would read the article it says “suspicion of driving under the influence” which means he was pulled over for driving weird and when they ran his license the outstanding warrant came up. it doesn’t mean he was under the influence.

    • It does not change that he had a warrant. That is hard to dispute. Either way it goes, he did something illegal that had to do with drugs. We can sugarcoat and condone it all we want, but that is a big deal. I am glad that the updated article says he was not under the influence, but he did get arrested for his warrant.

  8. Drinking and driving is no joke. I have a cousin who was doing just that with his buddies, and now he’s a quadripegic.

  9. I am so sorry to see that Kiowa has had this problem. I hope that his family can help him overcome his problems – whether it’s bad friends or bad choices.

  10. Just a heads up for the Lex. There is an article that gives more details about what happened and quotes an officer who apparently knows more about the case. There are supposedly 2 warrants out for his arrest, not just one, one in Mesa and one in Scottsdale. One is for DUI, so that explains how the story has gotten mixed up.

    • Plus, AZ Central also corrected their article. Two warrants is pretty shocking to me. I love Kiowa as a fan, but it is obvious that he has some issues he needs to work out. Hopefully he will learn and grow because he was so sweet when I met him in Phoenix. These charges are pretty serious ones though and should not be taken lately.

  11. Same thing happened with one of the kids from Harry Potter, he was busted for driving under the influence and after cops stopped him, they found 10lbs of marijuana in his car. How dumb. I have known too many people wjo were killed because of drinking and/or drugs and driving. Sad. I know everyone makes mistakes and I hope Kiowa learned something from his. Hope he straightens up.

  12. He is young and young people do dumb stuff. Hopefully he will learn from his mistakes like we all must and put this behind him. He wasn’t drunk when they arrested him it was just a warrent from a year ago. Frankly i am surprised the media didn’t catch onto the previous warrents before now. It’s not like he was drunk when they pulled him over, he just had some warrents he had over his head is all.

    • Yes, it is a relief he was not drunk this time, but remember that one of the warrants is for a DUI. It does not make it okay that he just so happened to not be driving under the influence at the moment. He needs to get help because while I am relieved it was not worse, it could be next time he decides to get behind the wheel while stoned or drunk. He needs to understand that this is not something to shrug off, so that he can get help, deal with the warrants and make sure it is just a mistake in the past. I know people around the fandom are disappointed, but also support him.

  13. I think it’s safe to say that at least 15 million people are really disappointed with Kiowa right now.

  14. Wow, this is really shocking. I truly hoped we as a Twilight family could avoid this kind of thing from any of the actors involved. It’s obvious Kiowa has an addiction that has finally caught up to him. I truly hope he will take this negative experience & turn it into something positive, meaning cleaning up his act, and never do this again. Drugs & alcohol are no joke. You start it all at 21 thinking life’s a huge party & before you know it, your pushing 50 with nothing to show. Life is a special gift, I pray he come to that realization.

    Kiowa, you’re in my prayers tonight.