Robert Pattinson Talks About Cancer Bites

Robert Pattinson won two awards at the Teen Choice Awards: Favorite Vampire and Dramatic Movie Actor (Water for Elephants). He used his favorite vampire speech to talk about an new initiative called Cancer Bites that launches in October. See their website here. Photo Via Thinking of Rob, they have a great gallery check it out.


  1. 🙂

  2. Olympic coven says:

    Looking great. His hair came back rather quickly after cosmopolis

  3. I love this man even more. He took the time out to speak about such a great cause and looked extremely handsome while doing it. His hair is definitely growing out quite quickly. Maybe people will stop freaking out over it now because he looked amazing tonight!

  4. my dad and mom died from cancer and my husband died from a form of cancer in 2009 as my mom did

  5. Just wanted to share… our son, was diagnosed less than two weeks ago with ALL leukemia. Home now, but we know we have a long journey ahead. He is being treated at UCLA by an amazing team. I just wanted to write to thank you because what you are doing to raise awareness/ $ for research is huge. Thank you!

  6. Rob did a great job, That was awesome, especially with his british accent 🙂 Yea people should stop bashing or freaking out about his hair, it will grow back. To me he still looks sexy

  7. Thanks Rob for recognizing a GOOD cause to back. My sons best friend, Luis, died after having all 3 different kinds of blood cancer. Sadley, he left 2 young children behind. Thanks, again, for the support.

  8. Thank you Rob for supporting blood cancer research. It means the WORLD to families like mine who have kids fighting this fight!


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