Official Response From Summit Entertainment to Daiana Santia’s August 4th Press Conference Claims

We just received the following from Summit Entertainment


First and most important this is NOT about greed or the Studio wanting to bully a woman from a small town in Argentina – rather, it is about stolen material that is private and sensitive which was obtained by illegally accessing private/secure servers as well as personal email accounts.  Ms. Santia’s actions came to light after these materials began appearing on the internet towards the end of March, 2011.  Since Summit learned of Ms. Santia’s involvement in late May 2011, Summit has been in contact with Ms. Santia and her representatives with no resolution or further good faith efforts on their part, thus the only alternative left was to pursue legal action to ascertain that Ms. Santia no longer holds the images and video in any shape or form.  Prior to said action the studio clearly communicated to Ms. Santia and her representatives that a press release would be distributed naming the actions being taken as well as naming her specifically.

·         Summit’s first meeting with the Santia family occurred on May 31, 2011 at which point the studio was told they would fully cooperate.   A subsequent meeting took place on June 8, 2011 with Ms. Santia and her lawyer at which time Ms. Santia confessed to the intrusions.  It is also important to note that Ms.Santia is 24 years of age.  The family was contacted as a group as the IP address used was registered under a family name.

·         Specifically on June 8, 2011 Ms. Santia confessed in the presence of her attorney that she accessed servers and email accounts via a systematic attack — stealing photographs, unfinished images and video footage over several months.  Additionally there is indisputable evidence linking her directly to IP addresses that were used in the unauthorized access. Her actions appear to be premeditated and not done on a whim, but rather using technology and tactics that require thought as well as time and skill.  Because Ms. Santia decided that she does not want to cooperate, Summit has been unable to settle this matter privately with Ms. Santia and her representatives in Argentina.

·         Ms. Santia claims to have deleted the stolen materials off her lap top as well as her family’s desktop computer, however both common sense and historically similar cases have proven that a defendant’s word cannot be taken as final.  Additionally, Summit must confirm the extent to which Ms. Santia shared the materials with others.  

·         When first approached by Summit, Ms. Santia’s representatives indicated their willingness to permit Summit to review the computers.  Based on this communication, Summit flew technical experts to Posadas, only to have Ms. Santia renege on their offer after the arrival of these experts.  To this day, Ms. Santia has refused to cooperate in giving Summit access to these two computers to verify for itself that the images and footage have in fact been deleted, and to confirm the extent to which files were shared.  We do not feel this is an unreasonable request but rather a prudent move to protect the IP and the studio.  Additionally the studio has made an offer to have representatives chosen by Ms. Santia present when the computers are searched in order to protect the Ms. Santia’s privacy relating to anything else that is not related to this particular situation as they are of no interest to the studio.

·         Had Ms. Santia cooperated Summit and its representatives would have worked with her to reach a compromise that would not necessarily involve legal action in Argentina and the United States.


  1. Email accounts and the server. Looking at photos on a server is one thing. Breaking into people’s personal email accounts is another matter. Sorry dead wrong, no excuse, no justification. I hope they throw the book at her. She’s no better than those reporters in England who tapped phones and hacked emails. no one has the right to invade your privacy like that. I don’t care what you think you are a fan of.

  2. Gigi Cullen says

    I think the whole reason she agreed to cooperate and then changed her mind is because she wants her 15 minutes of fame. What a better way then to link yourself with a big name movie & a big name movie company. She may be in trouble with the law but her name is in the papers from the US to Argentina. Well, I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes, because once its gone, its goiong to get very cold and ugly in the dark with all those lawyers.

  3. She deserves everything she gets I have no hard feelings with Summit Stephenie Meyers or Rob apparently she hacked all their email accts and got the pics. (or that is what the rumor is and Rob did say it in an interview for WFE that his acct was hacked)

  4. I hate to say it but this “Woman” not “little girl” is 24 years old!! She knew what she was doing! If the rest of us have to wait patiently for the movies then so could she. First of all, this isn’t a no brainer on how the movies end! If you can read you know what happens and let’s face it Stephanie Meyer is a impeccable writer. She puts so much into her books that it’s like having the movie running in your head. There is no doubt the movies will be spectacular, but these people from cast, crew, producers, writers to the people behind the scenes of feeding the crew, cleaning up and operating lights, cables ect. worked HARD! They put their blood, sweat and tears (pardon the puns) into these movies! To have this Argentina “Hacker” she deserves prison time and a VERY VERY steep heavy fine! Summit says above they tried very hard to work with her PRIVATELY, she and her council are the ones who reneged on it not them! The counter suit will be thrown out of court without merit, for the fact Summit doesn’t use monkeys for their lawyers and they know the entertainment and copyright infringement laws, as well as internet spying/hacking and let’s face it American courts are being given more and more “hacking” cases and I see this woman by both Argentina and America being given the maximum….because she confessed in front of council and then holds a press conference recanting. Sorry….your a$$ is cooked and it should be!

    I have no respect for those who make a mockery of us “TRUE” “LOYAL” Twihards and those who take these hard working individuals very seriously and respect their privacy and not hack into private emails, or servers that could potentially hold very sensitive information! Anyone who is a Twilight Saga fan and appreciates this as a whole can consider themselves violated and hacked!

    Please show Bill Condon we all love him as well as Stephanie, Melissa and the cast by letting Summit know we support them!

  5. Summit Public Relations WHY? Release this. Seriously. Summit should just state “DO TO THIS ONGOING SITUATION AT THIS TIME WE HAVE NO COMMENT TO MAKE ABOUT MS. SANTIA’S STATEMENT” or something like that. Instead these juvenile pointing fingers statements during times like this i.e. most of the past numerous lawsuits and the Rachelle 2009 casting statements. What do think a timeline is going to help the CASE.

    • Summit isn’t acting juvenile in posting this response. Just as the woman had a right to defend her actions, Summit is completely justified in defending their accusations. Some fans were saying that Summit didn’t have any right to ask for this woman’s hard drive because the studio had no proof. Therefore, it’s wise for the studio to show the fans that they do in fact have proof that this woman did more than just steal pictures and footage- she hacked into personal email accounts. This way the studio has more fan support. It doesn’t want Twilight fans turning on it because of the image the woman was portraying of it being a bully.

      • Yes I understand its all for PR to rally the troops but in a court of law some things can and will be thrown out due to these statements aka hearsay. In a case like this it’s always best to keep quiet and let the law work. It is juvenile to start a “she said…she said” and pointing about. Yes, I understand Summit wants fan support and public opinion but the law needs respect. In cases like this public opinion can hurt the case. If she is innocent or find innocent her counter lawsuit could find merit. It would be best to let the law happen.

        • Renee, I don’t see it as “she said, he said”. As I stated below your comment, anytime she (the “hacker”) makes a statment, defends her claims, holds a press conference or anything of this nature nationally. Summit will release a statement, it’s standard practice and is always advised by the legal team. It’s not Summit necessarily wanting to do it, but they have a company and reputation to uphold not to mention stock holders, and investors for upcoming or current movies in the works. As a whole they do this to make sure we as the public understand they have a certain role to maintain a stance on piracy and privacy. Both of which she violated and even admitted after being questioned by authorities with council. If you re read the statement by Summit it states she admitted to it, however now is recanting. She is following legal counsels advice, because he or she is trying to get her off, simply put if she had nothing to hide, and had deleted it, she shouldn’t have had a problem showing them the proof, also just because she deleted it, it’s still on the hard drive unless she destroyed them and installed new ones.

    • Renee,Are you insane. Why should summit shut up and have no comment at the time? They have every right to speak. To give an explaination to those of us whom have appreciated their work over all the years simply shows us respect!

  6. I think Rob’s idea of letting us loyal Twilight fans rat the disgusting “d!cks” as he called them, out and turning them into summit! Letting us fans do our own While it’s not something I think should seriously be done (policing) I do think those of us who respect the movies, actors ect. should act on those who violate the laws and hack into emails, servers and ect.

    I also don’t see Summit finger pointing, when someone is being sued and has a “press conference” it’s standard practice to issue a statement regarding the defendants claims and or statements. It’s not finger pointing or being childish, it’s standard practice. I agree that the lawyers and legal teams should be working diligently on this and don’t need to necessarily make daily or weekly statements regarding the details, however, don’t put it past this woman’s council to spill the deets. As far as the outcome, I sincerely hope she gets jail time and fined, as she obviously knew what she was doing!

  7. Erm…GO SUMMIT! XD


  8. I am on summets side. The lady wanted attention to wine and say it was not her. That’s fine but i do not think she knows what is coming towards her.

  9. smitten_by_twilight says

    Renee, I agree with you in wishing that this was not being tried in the court of public opinion … but she started it. And people make a good point about Summit needing to stay on the fans’ good side, because we’ve all been ticked off at them as it is. There seem to be two goals, and I’m not sure which one Summit is prioritizing; the goal of proving the case legally, and the goal of deterring entertainment piracy. Currently I’m leaning toward the second.

  10. Greed … nothing more. If Summit cared about anything other then money, we would not be waiting so long for the movie’s release. They know, by delaying it, they can make more money as people flip out when it’s finally available. In the meantime, they’ll go after anyone in court to try to make a few more bucks.

    • How is it greed on Summit’s part for wanting to protect their property that was obtained illegally from their private server and from people’s email accounts? I say it’s one thing to post the video’s from Comic Con, but another to obtain it illegally and distribute it like it was.

      And the wait between BD1 and BD2 is understandable if one considers that EC made close to 20K less then its predecessor (which, BTW, made close to like 300K more then TW if I have my numbers right), and EC was released six months *after* NM was.

      As well, they [Summit] want to make some sort of profit and want to pay their investors/stakeholders that helped make funding for the movies possible. The wait between BD1 and 2 sorta reminds me of what the WB did when TDK made a ton of money at the box office and moved HP6 from the November release date to the July released date that it had. I don’t fault Summit for wanting to make money and continue their operations even if some of the things they do regarding the TW series I disagree with. They know that BD is going to make a fair bit of change, why else would they split it?

    • To respond to your statement, believe it or not, but Summit Enterainment is a business… They make movies to make money. Leaked footage, photos, and other materials can hurt that process, as much of the material that is leaked doesn’t represent the final product. This has nothing to do with greed, but business.

      Secondly, as Summit is a BUSINESS, it has every single right to position its movie releases to time periods that will maximize profits. As I’ve stated in previous discussions, Summit isn’t a charity service, nor did they create Twilight because they were all Twi-hards beforehand. They’ve continued to create these movies, because they have made them money. Money they can use to pay investors, employees, marketing costs, rent, building expenses and future projects.

      In truth, I think Summit has released the last few movies way too soon. I was hoping to have a 2yr span between each film, similar to the Harry Potter movies (with exception of Deathly Hallows 1 & 2). I think the added time could have resolved some of the more dubious issues we’ve had with the films. Their release pattern has in some ways created a bit of oversaturation in the Twi-world. Had they waited on Eclipse, pushing it back to Nov. or an early 2011 release, such is March/ April, I firmly believe the sales would have been much greater. Summit made a wise move in releasing BD later this year. A. Less competition. B. More time to fix things. C. More time to create hype.

      While I realize anticipation for these films is incredibly high, please remember that Twilight is entertainment, not life. They are books and movies. We enjoy them, and that is wonderful, but please stop bashing Summit for behaving as it should, as a company.

      Believe me they want your wallets really bad, and I’m sure they’d love to release it as quickly as possible get those dollars a comming in, but they also want to play things smart.

    • Neil, news flash, if the movie came out today we would all be just as crazy to
      see it. About the money, well aren’t we all interested in money? I,for one, am glad they put the movie off for a while because it gives me more time to make enough money to go see the movie

  11. I am from Argentina, and I feel ASHAMED of my own country knowing that people could do such a thing, specially because I’m 100% against hackers and I’ve been wanting Summit to take legal action on the matter since the very first images got leaked.

    I’ve watched the press conference this girl did, and if you’re a native Spanish speaker, you can ABSOLUTELY tell she’s lying and does not show one single bit of emotion.

    I hope she gets what she deserves.

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      It’s ok, Lola, there have been times when I have felt ashamed of my country as well … I imagine most responsible people have at one time or another. If you didn’t do it, then at least you don’t need to feel ashamed of yourself.

    • I know what you mean! I speak Spanish and she is the world’s worst liar. it’s so obvious the whole thing is an act.

    • I am not so sure about that lola, I’m from argentina too and I think she could be a normal fan that only saw images on the internet like any other. I can’t say if she is guilty or not but she doesn’t seem to enjoy this “15 minutes of fame”, because when you are accused for someting like this you are not gonna show all of your emotion. I’m just saying you can’t be so sure about her being the hacker

  12. Neil We are waiting on a movie because it filmed back to back for six months and it takes awhile to edit and do cgi.You can’t wrap a movie in April and have it out in June.

    Like others have said she took something that wasn’t hers. It doesn’t matter how badly she wanted stuff from the movie. It’s not that tough to understand. You don’t take things that aren’t yours!

  13. No Fruit Juice says

    There were illegal photos? I never knew that. Ehh, only a few months till the movies out. I can wait.


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