Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Talk Last Day of Filming Breaking Dawn

Moviehole snagged Taylor and Kristen for a fast comment at Comic Con:

What do you remember from the very last day of shooting?

Kristen : The very last day of shooting I was in a wetsuit and – I’d been in the water for like ten-hours, literally; it was tough to ‘get the light’ or whatever – I ran over to my producer Godfrey and wrapped my legs around his waist, because he didn’t get in the water all night; so I took him on in, it was fun.

And Taylor, will we get to see more of your Abs before the “Twilight” series comes to an end?

Taylor : [Laughs] Um.. I’m not sure, I’ll guess you’ll have to wait and see.”

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  1. REALLY?! You have two seconds to talk to Taylor and you ask him about his abs!?


    But 1,000 kudos to Taylor Lautner, who somehow continues to be gracious and adorable with seemingly every interviewer he encounters!

  2. ROTFL!!!! Kristen wrapping her legs around Mr Wyck!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Poor actor.

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