Video from Breaking Dawn Press Conference with Bill Condon and Trifecta.

I’ve found three videos currently posted from the Breaking Dawn press conference.  This is the media junket that happens before the actual Comic Con experience inside Hall H.  If and when any of the Hall H footage is on line, we will post that as soon as possible.  These clips have Taylor talking about imprinting, Kristen talking about how far the series has come, and Bill discussing the future of the Twilight Saga. You can also visit hypable for all of their blogging transcript from the conference.



  1. Is there any video of the press conference w/the other actors Ashley, Liz, etc?

  2. smitten_by_twilight says:

    whenever a video of the full panel, with good sound, is available, I’d love the link. Couldn’t understand much, although it’s true that I have cheap speakers.

  3. Na, not your speakers smitten by twilight. The only thing I could understand is Rob’s laugh.

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