Bill Condon Interview from Comic Con via Tompson on Hollywood

While Jen and Laura are having all the fun, Lori is sitting at home in Tennessee watching bit by bit as interviews and footage from SDCC is being loaded. I found this little gem of an interview with Bill Condon from Thompson on Hollywood and I have to say, I’m rather jealous!  I don’t know how they got such intimate access to Bill Condon but it is up close and personal!   The sound is wonderful, the questions are meaningful, and the answers he gives are just unbelievable!  The only downfall of this interview is that it ends rather abruptly. Let us know if you think this interview is as good as I think it is by leaving us a comment!

UPDATE! Here’s part 2 of the interview, found by the Twilight Examiner.



  1. I love it ! It really is that good and I wish we got more of this and I’m hoping well be see more since we have him for two movies.

  2. That was a good interview. Clear sound. Good questions and interesting answers. She did kind of cut him off a couple of times. The cut off at end about the rating was only really bad part. Guess we’ll hear next week if it has to go back to editor to get the PG13 rating.

  3. Brandi P says:

    Whan an awesome interview, one of the best with Mr. Condon that I’ve seen. I’m sad that it ended so abruptly, I thought he had much more to say. I can’t wait to see BD1 after the comments he makes about it being like a horror movie.

  4. This is truely the best director for breaking dawn. You can tell that he truely knows how we twilight fan feel. And i really hope that breaking dawn is PG-13.

  5. Amazing interview, good for him for striving to do the characters justice. It was too short! 🙂 Thank you for posting!!!

  6. smitten_by_twilight says:

    So glad I got to see part 2! Awesome interview, thx for finding it. I’ll have to watch it again, it has so much in it!

  7. Fantastic!! Hands down, best interview of the day. If only all interviewers, were this enthused, knowledgeable, and truly interested in what the person had to say…and all interviews conducted in the same relaxed manner, it would be a WIN WIN, for everyone.

    Thank you for posting!!

  8. Yes, you were right, great interview… he was sharing alot of good stuff.. makes me even more excited! November is so far away…:(

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