Shannon Hale Reports on The First Day of Filming Austenland

Stephenie Meyer’s newly formed production company Fickle Fish Films is in the UK filming Shannon Hale’s novel Austenland. As producer, Stephenie is on set every day. Shannon just blogged about the first day:

“I got to meet crew, chat with the production designer, the line producer, the UPM, Stephenie, and other cool crew members. (This crew ROCKS!) I sat in a chair (it wasn’t mine, but I got to use it anyway), put on headphones, and watched characters I invented speak lines I wrote. I laughed out loud at one point at the way Keri delivered a line and will have to be very careful in the future or they’ll ban that unprofessional writer from the set! But it’ll be hard because it’s funny, and these actors are so great. Molly (Jane’s best friend) is played by the gorgeous and so funny Ayda Field. Oh you guys, I’m so excited! Can I freak out a little? Can I just get majorly giddy and excited and squeal and jump around? I mean, as long as they’re not filming a scene and I’m far from set. Because I’m a professional crew member and never make a peep.”

See more on Shannon Hale’s blog

The photo above is from the first time Shannon and Stephenie met in person, which ironically was at an Austenland signing.


  1. I’m glad that Stephenie is stepping out and taking chances with her own production company. There is a lot of possiblities with this, as she will have god-like control over the properties she produces. This could also be great for any future (if possible) Twilight related projects, as she will be able to get things done exactly as she wants. Good work Steph!

  2. Austenland was a great book, I’m looking forward to the movie

  3. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    My aunt just gave this book to me for my birthday! I’m looking forward to it–the book and the movie! šŸ˜€

  4. *sigh*
    I loved reading this article, looking at warm and friendly stephenie and the lovely Shannon Hale (this photo makes stephenie look short…I never pictured her as short!)
    Well I don’t have much time for my love of twilight at the moment, so I find it hard to check in on whats happening. But not because of why you think. Through Twilight, Stephenie Meyer reminded me and empowered me to grasp my own dream, so i am in my second year of an english degree and will graduate as a high school english teacher at the end of next year.
    Stephenie Meyer and Twilight were the catalyst for this and I cannot thank her(or edward and bella!) enough…
    How inspiring to see people achieve far more than what they ever felt capable of!

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