Kellan Lutz: Twilight Opened Doors

Kellan Lutz is doing press for his upcoming Immortals where he plays Poseidon. Coming Soon took part in a Q&A session with all the actors:

Q: Do you see this movie as a step up for you or a challenge to get out of “The Twilight Saga”?

I’m very blessed with “The Saga” because I am a character that, yeah, people ask why I don’t have as many lines as everyone else. Well, I can’t change the books so my character’s more of a presence. Even in “Eclipse,” I have more action and fighting scenes than I do dialogue. I can’t help that. I’m very fortunate and blessed that it still pushes my career up to the level where I’m not the face of the books, so I’m still, like floating, so the next thing I do, like the other independent movies I do and I’m very choosy with like “The Killing Game” is my own type of underground “Gladiator”/Jason Bourne type of movie. That’s what I want to do so being a part of these huge commercial movies like “Twilight” opens up doors so I can be the star of other movies and really show my acting chops, show and pick what I want to do as an actor kind of molded my career.”

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