Ashton Kutcher and Twilight Comments Punk’d?

In looking at this video (shot in Brazil as part of a TV appearance), it looks like the guy who hosted Punk’d just got Punk’d by his translator. It seems that Ashton isn’t aware that he called Robert Pattinson “a gay vampire”. Spunk Ransom has the translation here. Both Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have been outspoken about using the term “gay” in a manner that is disparaging, so it does seem unlikely that Ashton knew what he was saying. We’re starting to see various entertainment media spinning the story various ways. Looking at the video and the translation, what’s your take?


  1. Hi! I’m Brazilian and yes, the text that Ashton reads says that he is “a vampire who is a little gay” (that would be a literal translation). It’s possible he’s got punked, because Huck’s program shows that kind of silly questionable sense of humor.

  2. Hi, I’m Portuguese and Ceridwen is totally right on that. Ashton got Punk’d on that one. He says “I am Robert Pattinson and I play a vampire who’s a little gay”.

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