InStyle: Vampire Girlfriends: Are You Like Bella, Elena, Sookie, or Buffy?

InStyle has a comparison up on the current vampire trend:

“If the vampire phenomenon—with True Blood, The Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer—has proved one thing, it’s this: Vampire girlfriends have the best taste in men. (For proof, just look at Stephen Moyer, Robert Pattinson, Paul Wesley, and David Boreanaz.) So how do these show’s leading ladies win the hearts of their supernatural fellows? Well, we’ve obsessed over the details of each storyline, and discovered four distinct vampire girlfriend personalities. Are you a tough girl like Buffy, a romantic like Bella, a bombshell like Elena, or the girl next door like Sookie?”

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  1. I’ll take Bella Swan. Sookie for me is pretty cool but kinda slutty and Elena in the books is annoying and too into herself.

  2. loeki beenders says:

    Bella Offcourse!

  3. Team Bella all the way! She’s got a cool ability and it helped to protect her family and friends.

  4. Out of these four, I’m pretty sure I’m most like Bella, with a bit of Sookie thrown in, which is good, because I’ve never liked Elena all that much and (shame on me) I don’t really know lots about Buffy.
    Overall, if vampires existed and really did like girls like our Bella, they should flock around me XD I’m not too sure I’d actually want a vampire boyfriend, though. Shocking, I know… but as much as I love picturing myself fearless, I’d be scared as heck if I ever found out they were real.

  5. CullenCoven says:

    I am 13, so I only know Bella, so I’m gonna go with her.

  6. Buffy all the way! I love that she is tough whereas the other girls are well…girlie.

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