Happy Birthday Edward!

Today is Edward’s 110th birthday!  We’re celebrating by hosting a little party over on our special birthday forums.  Well, I should say that Alice is hosting mostly, but we’re letting her do what she would like to do on the forums.  We have a few new games being hosted by a few different Cullen family members.  We also have a contest for the best birthday card/banner, which we will feature here on the blog tomorrow.  So be sure to visit the forums for some Cullen family fun and to help us wish Edward a very happy birthday!

And yes, it IS raining Edward faces! We thought we owed it to all of you who suffered through the Bieberfication of the Lexicon on April Fools.  So enjoy it for the day.  And just sing along with me… “It’s raining Ed!  Hallelujah, it’s raining Ed!”


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD!!!!!! You are GORGEOUS STAY THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. crystal steward says

    Happy 110th birthday Edward! Thanks to you I finally got a chance to know what real love is like. My boyfriend might not be as perfect as you but he cares about me alot (after he read the book and saw me fantasize about you of course). I guess I owed you a thank you for the happiness I have now!

  3. Happy happy 110th birthday Edward! I know Bella and Renesmee have something special planed for you. Have a great day looking forward to seeing you all in breaking dawn part 1. Till then wishing you all the best

  4. Happy happy 110th birthday Edward! I know Bella and Renesmee have something special planed for you. Have a great day looking forward to seeing you all in breaking dawn part 1. Till then wishing you all the best.

  5. Happy Birthday Edward hope you have a rainy cloudy day so you can go any where and enjoy the day. <3 unless you wish to be alone then i hope the sunshines on your beautiful face xxx 110 xxx

  6. louise meredith says

    Happy Birthday 110th Edward, you are one sexy vampire x

  7. Feliz cumpleaños… Eres el vampiro mas hermoso de este planeta… Que sigas cumpliendo muchos siglos mas…

  8. happy birthday edward…..i love that your face is raining down on my screen….
    have a wonderful birthday!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Edward 🙂 you will always be my favorite vampire.

  10. happy birthday Edward. wow I wanna look as young as u when im half ur age.

  11. i love the Edward faces raining down my computer screen. it’s awesome 😀

    Happy birthday, Edward!

  12. rachel gleason says

    happy birthday edward cullen. i hope you have a great day.

  13. Happ Birthday u look really good for your age cant wait to c the baby being born have a great Birthday wish I could ceabrate with u

  14. BOOM! Happy Birthday Edward!! More birthdays to come (like you need that any of that) Please say hi to Bella and Nessie for me. Good Luck :DD

  15. Stephanie says

    Happy Birthday Edward! Ill be your birthday present if you would like! 🙂


  17. happy birthday edward best wishes i love your movies im not one of your sreaming teens im a mom and grandmother but young man you make us older ladies feel young your movies all of them are so good your smile and eyes are enough to make a bad day disappear and yes your hanging on my wall best wishes love ya becky from ohio

  18. Happy birthday, Edward! Thank you for giving us all a reason to dream of true love and happiness.

  19. Happy Birthday Edward! The best part about today is you share a birthday with my boyfriend too. I hope your day is extremely relaxing and carefree. May today be the day you find the tastiest bear/deer you have ever hunted.

  20. Happy 110th Birthday Edward Cullen…Wish you the best Birthday and full of Love of course with Cullen and your sweet Bella…..Can’t wait for the Break Dawn!!!!!!!

  21. Happy. Birthday. Edward. Hope. U have a good birthday party 😉

  22. alondra marie says

    edward is very handsome.honest.lovely amazing. this vampire makes every girl wich to be bella for one.even i do.i have dreamed about this vampire ever since i read the first book.and i never imagined it to be this awsome and cute.luv ya

    happy b-day ,edward

  23. MustBTeamEdward says


  24. happy brithday to u edward! and many wishes

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. You did owe us for Bieber that day, so thank you for raining Ed!

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  29. Christine Spina says

    Happy Birthday Edward !!!!! You are still sexy at 110 !!!! Love you !!!

  30. Happy Birthday edward!! I love you..

  31. happy birtwishing you all the best

    hday Edward

  32. Happy Birthday Edward!! Alice has some surprises for you as well as your blushing bride Bella and your baby girl Renesmee! so enjoy the party they put on for you and wow 110! you dont look a day over 17!! lol!!

  33. Hello Edward Anothny Mason Cullen happy birthday

  34. happy birthday Edward to you love your hair do

  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE this page with your face falling all over.

  36. Mahalakshmi says


  37. Happy Birthday Edward!!
    The world is blessed with you.
    You are good at heart.
    We ALL have dark and light inside us.

  38. happy birthday edward lol…you dont look a day over 17 im sure youll have the ebst bday ever now that you have bella and renesmee by your side 🙂

  39. Lynne Powell says

    Happy birthday Edward! 110 years young, forever!

  40. Happy Birthday to the most intense, romantic, irresistible, character EVER!

  41. happy birthday edward… i dont know how much you hear that word but i feel happy and i hope u can be more reallity in my life

  42. happy birth day to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear edward happy birthday to yuoooo happy b day edward i am sooooooooooo taem edward i bulldy well hate jacob i have a right go at the boys in my class when they say that word hahahah oh and one more time happy birthday

  43. Daniela Said says

    Happy Birthday Edward

  44. Happy 110 Birthday Edward. I am sure your sister Alic has something special planned for you, and you will have a wonderfull day/night with Bella and Renesmee and the rest of your family. Just don’t bug Jacob today and all will be fine.

  45. Happy Birthday Edward. You are so amazing hope you have a great day. Also you are amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. happy birthday edward

  47. HAPPY 110 EDWARD <3 you and your family so very much

  48. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD, you don’t look a day over 17. Thanks to Stephanie for creating you. Have a wonderful fabulous day.

  49. happy birthday edward,the only vampire i’ll ever have the hots for hope your day is really special lots of love xxxxx


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