Carolina Herrera Confirmed as the Bella’s Wedding Dress Designer

The official Twilight Twitter just confirmed what Reelz Channel had the scoop on this one dropping the news a few days ago that Carolina Herrera was the designer of Bella’s wedding dress. However, were pretty sure they are going to try to keep the look under wraps until the movie or just before considering the message that you can see it in November.

New here is the larger question for you would be brides. Would you want a Bella’s wedding dress to walk down the aisle in? How about the veil? How about the ring?


  1. It would depend on what the dress looks like & if I like it! A lot of the more popular styles now days I don’t like.

    I really really hope they’ll keep it underwraps till the movie comes out Nov 18th. I don’t want to see it until I’m in the theater watching the movie.

  2. Fiona Cullen says:

    Carolina Herrera is quite a versatile designer, she is pretty simple and traditional, but not as innovative as I would like to see, but she has the potential to be. She has designed some memorable gowns that have been impressive, as a designer she does pay attention to detail and she uses quite straightforward cuts.

    I think for Bella’s dress I would like to see something classic, and I really hope her design sticks closely to the short description in the book… I am pretty confident that she can pull it off, I hope she can!

    • I think Bella’s dress will be in a classic style,to match Edward’s early 20th century tux. We know what Edward is going to look like since we’ve seen the trailer. I saw on some fashion site that his tux is described as a 1920s style,hence the classic tails and morning vest. Bella’s wedding gown is going to be kept under lock and key(I hope) until it’s close to the time for us to see it. It’s going to be beautiful on Kristen and I can’t wait to see her in it.

  3. Pheew! they haven’t released a photo of the gown yet. this is good, they should keep it a secret till the movie comes out.
    keeping all their pictures of it in an underground top secret CIA/FBI facility doesn’t sound too much, does it? LOL

  4. CullenCoven says:

    I hope they get it close to the book.

  5. The ring is too big and obnoxious. I know it’s exactly how the book describes it, but I don’t like it… so no, I wouldn’t want the ring.
    The veil (that I’ve seen) looks lovely, and similar to what mine was- very simple and elegant.
    I hope the dress is as described in the book; A take on a tradional dress from 1917 – 1920. She wanted it to be as if she were marrying him when we would have been married, had he not been turned.
    I’ve sure it will look lovely.
    I’m just not getting why people are shooting down her make-up. I think she looks beautiful.

    • Sorry. Forgot to add, that I hope they keep it under lock and key till the movie comes out. We know what happens in the movie, but the designs are what keep the suspense going.

    • The Ring in the movies is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen it dosen’t even look like its suppose to be in the book.

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