Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress Designer Revealed?

According to Reelz Channel, they feel that they have unearthed the mystery of who has designed Bella’s wedding dress.

“We have it on good word that Caroline Herrera designed the dress of the year, which will be revealed in the next week or so.”

See more at Reelz.

Somehow we don’t think that they will be revealing the dress so much as the name of the person who designed it. The dress itself will probably be a movie reveal.

Several years ago, Stephenie Meyer gave dress details to Lexicon reader Love 2 Dream who used to have a Bella’s Wedding Dress site. When that site was taken down, Love2Dream graciously gave the information to us so fans could still have it.

Stephenie’s description on the old Lexicon forums was, “I wish I still had the picture I based the description of Bella’s dress on, but it was lost in my fateful computer crash. Those of you who are going with the old fashioned look are on the right track. Two key words to aid in the search: art nouveau. It’s a simpler style than the frillier Edwardian stuff. Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves (the strapless thing is a very recent development. It wasn’t even popular when I was getting married, only 13 years ago, much less during the modest turn of the century). I search google images for the dress every now and then. I’ll let you know if I find something close one of these days.”

Love2dream based on Stephenie’s description, found the above images and asked if she was on the right track. Stephenie replied that the look was close, but not the exact photo that she had seen.

If you want some really good images of just how sexy a bias cut wedding gown can be click here. The bias cut is basically Golden Age of Hollywood glamor. Think Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Vivien Leigh.


  1. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I can’t imagine Summit would give out the dress already. For myself, I want to wait til the movie to see it—maybe getting to see it the first time like Edward does. 😉

    • Yeah i don’t think Summit will give out the dress just like that, either. because this is one of the most anticipated things of the movie.
      I too want to see the gown in all its glory on the big screen for the first time.

  2. I agree – wait for movie to actually see the dress. Knowing the designer and get an idea of the work they have done might be nice, ramp up the anticipation, but don’t even want to see design until movie.

  3. Charlotte says

    I agree completely I don’t want to see the dress until the film I think it will be the best surprise of the film so I hope they don’t show it!!

  4. If it’s a Herrera dress it is sure to be feminine and beautiful.

  5. smitten_by_twilight says

    I hope the designer has all the sketches and info under lock and key, or hackers and leakers will be trying to get it out there, and I want the surprise too! (Really, we know the plot – we need some surprises.) I suspect that, in addition to SM’s details, they will also subtly cut it to flatter KS’s figure specifically.

  6. I think the first glimpse we’ll see of the wedding dress,will be in the movie companion book,that comes out before the film’s release. I have to agree with everybody that I want to be surprised as to how the gown looks. We probably won’t see it in the theatrical trailer either,as it is the most guarded costume in the film. Hopefully Herrera is the designer and I know Kristen will look gorgeous in the gown.

  7. Oh, please don’t show us the dress before the movie. There are so few surprised in life anymore, and I for one don’t want to spoil the fun of the experience by seeing everything in advance.

  8. I really hope no pics or trailers are shown w/the dress. I want to wait to see when I see the movie the first time.


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