Robert Pattinson: No, You’re Not Seeing Double

Apparently there has been some doubt expressed online that the body we see breaking the headboard in the trailer belongs to Robert Pattinson. There were claims that a body double was in use.

Gossip Cop got on the case and has this to report:

“Gossip Cop looked into the story and was told by a production source that it was 100 percent Pattinson in the sex scene with Kristen Stewart.

Additionally, a rep for Summit tells us, “A body double was NOT used.”

So, in short, everything is the real deal. Feel free to continue your ogling 🙂


  1. Oh ye of little faith. hehe

  2. There was an interview where he said that he had been working out for all of the BD shirtless scenes. I don’t remember where, when, or who interview was with…

  3. Oh, swoon……

  4. It almost looks like the window frame, not the headboard, that gets destroyed.

  5. oh i definitely don’t have any doubt that it is rob 🙂

  6. Seriously, the best glimpse in the trailer!

    • And never questioned it! Who are these doubters?!

      • Hollywood Life has a tendency to jump onto anything that might look like juicy gossip. The best thing to do is ignore them. You’re right there was no need to doubt that was Rob in the trailer. Enough of that. Let’s celebrate the fact that the trailer has come out,we’ve enjoyed it and now we can wait for the big party in November.

  7. NatRacine says

    You can tell from his hands that it’s Rob. The most jaw dropping moment or should I say “shrieking” of the trailer. I have watched it over and over again.

  8. sweet jesus, i hope i don’t get a heart attack wacthing this movie 🙂

  9. Never doubted it was him :+)

  10. Thanks for the still capture. I’m just sayin.

  11. CullenCoven says

    Those are some nice looking everythings. Yum yum

  12. Double??? What a stupid opinion,,, crrrk.. Of course,, he is ‘just’ robpatzz.. 100%. He don’t need doubLe.. (¬_¬”)

  13. I’m happily married but…….WOW, Rob is beyond HOT!!!!

  14. Definitely my FAVORITE, most drooly still for me since Taylor took his shirt off after Bella crashed the motorcycle in New Moon! Dang, he looks GOOOOOD! Kristen is a lucky girl:)

  15. Of course it’s Rob. That site that posted the doubt story is just wanting controversy to get hits to their website.

  16. Lolalola says

    …Oh, be still my beating heart….

  17. Lynne Stringer says

    Hm, someone has definitely been working out!

  18. wow wow wow

    I am weak in the knees just thinking of watching that scene play out…as my husband calls it “girl porn”

    Not raunchy, but completely sexy!

  19. Being team Jacob i didn’t notice, but now that its been pointed out i can’t look away…

  20. i love twilight but this is a stupid fan reaction to be completely honest

  21. I figured maybe they asked Taylor to be the body double for this scene.

  22. Caroline Soper says

    I’m a little confused, I thought Edward was supposed to be pasty white, but it looks like that was forgotten. He looks pretty tan.

    • That’s just the lighting. It’s a very dark room lit only by candles, which will cast a yellowish glow. Even a white vampire is going to look different. I’m sure he’s wearing the makeup in EVERY scene. No worries.

  23. Jean Brown says

    Why is everyone so into Rob’s body. Of course it is Rob. But i have never cared about whether Rob is buff or not. It has never matter to me. My problem has always been the horrible makeup and wigs and raspberry lipstick that they continue use despite the fact that they know the fans hate it. I just cant wait until Nov 18th. Meanwhile i live in Dallas, Texas and my basketball team is on the verge of winning a NBA Championship. If that happens tonight my city will go crazy and i will be at the airport when they return no matter what time it is. So all my fellow twilighters who live in another country or state and know nothing about basketball or care nothing about it, just say a little prayer for my team. A championship will keep me going until Breaking Dawn hit the theaters.

    • I will be pulling for your Mavs (not a fan of the heat, sorry heat fans)…. I remember all too well when the Saints finally won the Superbowl..I am STILL over the moon about that!!

      oh, and to keep on topic…OMG I flipped when they showed the headboard being cracked. I didn’t think twice about it being a double…I can only imagine Kristin putting her foot down and saying absolutely not to a double over her!!

  24. Damn, just damn.

  25. Good to see that he’s living up to how stephanie describes him in the book. In the previous movies i was disappointed to see Rob not having that amazing body that stephanie loves to describe in Twilight, BUT now he looks really great 😀


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