Twilight Saga Teaser Reveals: A History

Here are the Twilight Saga Teasers to compare. Which one do you think did the best job? Do you think Breaking Dawn 1 can top your favorite?


  1. I have to say my favorite is still New Moon. Mostly because my excitement that night was just off the charts. I think Breaking Dawn is going to be similar cause I am on pins and needles right now and we have HOURS to go!!

  2. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I think my favorite is New Moon as well. It’s such a short clip but shows the strong range of emotions and danger and action that are in the book. I am SO excited for the Breaking Dawn teaser tonight. It’ll probably become my favorite just cause I love weddings so much! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yes! I love weddings as well and with that being the focus at the beginning of Breaking Dawn, I won’t be able to control myself. So excited!

  3. Sarah Crawford says

    I think out of these three, Eclipse is the best because it shows a good summary of the movie without revealing too much. BUT I think Breaking Dawn, because it is indeed such a big deal being the last book and being the one where Bella and Edward finally get to be married, the teaser for Part 1 should hopefully become the best ! I also love the tagline for Breaking Dawn Part 1: “Forever is just the beginning”. All the hype created from the anticipation of tonight has made me sooo excited to see it !!

  4. I think I have to go with New Moon, though it’s kind of a tough choice for me. I did love the original Twilight trailer and it’s always held a special place in my heart. I personally didn’t like the Eclipse trailer as much because it was all romance and no action at all… and the book had a fairly good blend of both. The Eclipse trailer was just too bland for me.

  5. HisGoldenEyes says

    im gonna have to go with twilight! it started it all and even though many people didnt form their obsessions with it yet, i did! and idk…its very nostalgic. i just like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m going to say New Moon. I just loved all the heart felt emotions and the revealing of the wolves I thought the MTV teaser trailers were a lot shorter than one minute. I remember for new moon on TV it wasn’t that long. Well maybe my memory is not very well. I loved all the trailers for different reasons. Eclipse was my favorite movie and book because Edward proposes and there is this gorgeous ring. Ahh I’m so excited but I’m upset I don’t have cable so I have to wait till it comes online and by then I afraid there will be so much traffic on the website it might not work.

  7. CullenCoven says

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn because of the sense of finality, and my favorite movie was New Moon because that is when we saw her connect with Jacob, and also when we really saw the wolves for the first time. I think Breaking Dawn will be the best movie because they’ve been getting closer to the books each time.

  8. i’m gonna have to go with new moon as well. it was such an exciting trailer. also when new moon came out was when my best friend and i took a trip to seattle and forks so that made new moon all the more exciting! something about jacob transforming into a wolf in midair is what got me. i can’t wait to see the breaking dawn trailer tonight.

  9. It’s difficult to pick a favorite. They all hold special places to me for different reasons, but the one I thought was best was Eclipse. Favorite movie, too.

    Hey, question…is this the FULL trailer tonight or is it the teaser? I know teasers are shorter, right? I’m a little confused. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • switzy4ever14 says

      It’s a teasert, so it’ll be about as long as the ones you see above. A longer trailer (or sometimes two longer trailers) is always released closer to when the movie comes out. So expect something as long as the videos above.

      • switzy4ever14 says


        • LOL. i thought u were inventing a new word. teaser + dessert = teasert (which is perfect for Breaking Dawn).

          • Thanks. I thought it was too early for a full trailer, but figured since they finished both movies they might just do the whole thing. Hey, I’ll take anything!

  10. switzy4ever14 says

    I’ll have to go with majority and say New Moon! It was ridiculously exciting. The others were alright, pretty good trailers, but New Moon’s left me screaming and made me want to watch it over and over. Judging by the number of times I’ve watched the 15 second clip (hovering around 30 ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I think Breaking Dawn’s can definitely top that. Bring on the trailer!

  11. As a huge MALE adult saga fan and father of 4. Who drags his wife to the films (quite a reversal of roles). It was the new moon trailer. I prolly watched it five hundred times. I was more excited for NM than eclipse. But not for BD. Follow me on twitter @twihardad

  12. Jack Morrissey says

    Get ready!

  13. if i need to pick one i will pick New Moon, that one was the best with jake turning into a werewolf. that made me scream.

  14. I have to say NM. I got into the series right before NM movie was released and the NM trailer lived up to the hype. I was so stoked to be a part of the frenzy. NM–hands down!

  15. None of them will ever measure up to Twilight, at least not for ME. That time was a turning point in my life that I will always remember. I was so excited knowing that I was FINALLY going to see Edward brought to life from the pages of that book! I followed every single announcement, spoiler, teaser trailer, etc. Watched every actor interview, fell in love with Robert Pattinson for the first time, got to know a whole bunch of new bands/music that I’d never heard before. The mania was so out of control at our house! LOL None of the subsequent movies have every measured up to that very first one. So special….*sigh*

  16. Lynne Stringer says

    It was the teaser trailer for number one that made me fall in love with Twilight, so I will always think it was the best. It was the first Twilight related thing I saw, and from the moment Edward looks up at Bella after saving her from the car, I was hooked.

  17. I’ve always found the ones with Twilight to be the best and left me wanting more, and lead me to seeing the movie twice. The other two left me kinda bored to the point that I saw NM once and wasn’t even going to see EC if it weren’t for WEM doing a fanpage thing on FB.

  18. Anonymous :) says

    I saw Twilight’s teaser trailer before I read the books, so for me that one is the worst because I didnt have the overhwelming excitement pumping through me like when I watched the other two.. I have to say that the New Moon trailer for me is better, since it really shows what happens througout the novel, edward leaves, jacob comes in, laurent, the birthday, it had everything..while eclipse’s trailer only focused on the romantic side of the book, (other than the little bit of victoria) whcih is only a little piece of what eclipse was. so for me it goes: 1) New Moon 2) Eclipse 3) Twilight…..I hope the Breaking dawn trailer will top them all! can’t wait for tonight!

  19. There are several sites who have already released the 1:59 trailer…it is all I can do to not watch them because I’d rather see it with the MTV live audience. Eeeeekk!

  20. I just watched the Breaking Dawn one on perezhilton and I must say its my favorite one!!!

  21. I have say that I think this one just about stopped my heart. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  22. Brooklyn says

    My favorite is Eclipse because it shows a lot of romance and in the book you can feel the romance a lot but you can also feel the danger in their decisions! I think the Breaking Dawn Part 1 teaser trailer will top that because Breaking Dawn has the most anticipation! Can’t wait until 8 o’clock!!!!

  23. New Moon. The teaser trailer was very exciting!

  24. Having already seen the new teaser trailer, I would rate my favorites from top to bottom like this:

    1. Breaking Dawn Part 1 (I just can’t get my mind out of that headboard breaking…and the wedding, *sigh*)

    2. New Moon (That first glimpse of Jacobs transformation to wolf was awesome)

    3. Eclipse (I just love the music they used for the trailer and that beginning with Edward saying “Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever”, it’s just dreamy)

    4. Twilight (It started it all for me but sadly I have to give it the last place)

  25. New Moon was probably most exciting because of Jacob changing into a wolf. I remember watching it with a group of girl friends and we all squealed with delight! ๐Ÿ™‚ However, watching them all again now, I think the Eclipse trailer is the best overall. Honestly, the Breaking Dawn P1 trailer was kind of a let down for me…maybe because I had such high expectations and maybe because they had already released the wedding scene. I don’t know why. I’m still SUPER excited about seeing the movie though!


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