Jason Sudeikis Hops on the Robert Pattinson to Host SNL Bandwagon

Do you think Rob would make a good host?


  1. I dont know if SNL would be his thing. I could picture him having a really hard time NOT laughing during the skits lol. I wouldn’t want to miss it if he ever did host though!

  2. NatRacine says:

    He did a great job with Jimmy Fallon on the skit for “Bothered”. He would be great on SNL.

  3. Tammy Votrain says:

    I would watch it, he does anything he sets his mind to. He’s an awesome actor:)

  4. I would actually watch the show if here were on.

  5. Hosted by Rob with musical guest 100 Monkeys or Bobby Long. Time it for just before the release of BD1. He would be terrific.

  6. live tv is outside of his comfort zone I think. he can’t be himself the way taylor could (great ep btw, and actually triggered my becoming a fan of snl – didnt know it existed before, and have now watched like 35 eps, another great ep is taylor swifts, id highly recommend getting into it, its awesome).

    Kristen, however, I think would be great, I think it would be like a cross between Jesse Eisenberg’s and Ellen Page’s hostings, but I’d hope she would overcome her nerves, because she’s actually hilarious – check out kristen stewart funny moments vids on youtube.

    • The Taylor Swift episode is PRICELESS! Still one of my faves. (Firelight–say it, say it). Still watch it on youtube. Hilarious!

  7. Twilibrarian says:

    If NBC and Summitt don’t jump on this hosting bandwagon they are nuts. This should be in early November, just prior to the BD 1 premiere! Both Rob & Kristen should host at the same time as “Mr and Mrs. Cullen” with 100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone as musical guests. Can you imagine Kenan Thompson as “Alice?!” or Rosalie???

    Let’s face it, we’ve all read the books, and know the story. Turn those writers loose. You could have a “Bella Look-alike beauty pageant,” (she’s a klutz, remember?)A skit with Rob as a barber (based on all the media attention his hair gets.) Werewolf boot camp, wedding guests from Harry Potter (Cedric Diggory) the ideas are endless.

    • I think that could be a good idea, I would think 100 monkeys, with KS hosting, would be great, it would even chill out Kristen if Jackson’s around I think (ironically lol).

      Have them do one of their recent trailer parodies (not far fetched considering that it’s being aired on mtv movie awards, hosted by Jason Sudeikis) Nasim Pedrad as Alice,

      jasper and bella – Kris and Jackson,

      Abby Elliot as Rosalie, Andy Samberg as Emmet, Taran Killam as Edward,

      Kristen Wiig as Bella’s mom, Jason Sudeikis as Charlie,

      Fred Armisen as Aro

      could be pretty good, dunno how they’d handle kris and jackson actually being in it tho.

  8. Rob would be flawless in his delivery. He would be great! Kristen would be great as well. If any Twilight star hosts, I will watch.

    • yeh, that could be true, considering his bothered sketch with Jimmy Fallon was pretty good. Im really only judging him on his interviews, but in a scripted show, with a chance to blend in more with sketches, I think he probably could be quite good.

      But any cast member is worth a watch, I think the most likely person to see is Taylor again, as he worked really well with the cast, and he’s got that abduction movie coming out which will put him on snl’s radar again, and with the new cast, it could be really awesome.

      heres two of my favorite skits


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