Chaske Spencer Talks to Ology About Kristen Stewart, The Fitness Campaign and More

Ology talked to Chaske Spencer about the new campaign he joined sponsored by The White House and Michelle Obama called “Let’s Move! in Indian Country”, his charity work, the end of Twilight, Kristen Stewart and the media and more.

“You’ve stuck up for Kristen Stewart in interviews before. Why do you think the media is so hard on her?

I don’t know why. People need to back off her. She’s really a nice girl. I just don’t think she’s into the whole game. I kind of feel that way too in the sense that, “Why do I have to keep selling myself to the media to watch a movie? Why can’t you just look at the work?” I think she does that and she’s a really nice person. If you sit down and have coffee with her or chill out with her one-on-one or in a group, she’s really a cool person. I tip my hat to her for not catering to the media. Because in the end, we’re just actors. We like to work. We like to be other people. That’s what we do. We’re not celebrities. That’s the thing. I don’t think she wants to be a celebrity. She’s not a reality show star. She’s just a person who wants to work as an actress. People need to back off from her.


That’s how today’s culture [is]. We’re surrounded by people who just want to know who you’re dating and your personal life, and it’s different nowadays then it was back maybe 15 years ago, almost 20 years ago. You were able to have a private life, do your work and people [could] judge you on that. I remember I didn’t know sh*t about Sean Penn. I just knew he was a great actor. You didn’t know about his personal life too much. Same thing with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. But nowadays, it’s like you have to sell a part of your soul to launch a movie. I don’t like that part. I’m really trying hard not to do it. But somedays, you just have to play the game and that just sucks.”

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  1. I happened to see Adventureland this week (it’s a good movie) and, just like in The Runaways, Kristen Stewart showed that she is a phenomenal actress. Understated, naturalistic, and believable in a variety of roles.

  2. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I really agree with the gist of what Chaske is saying, but I think his perception of how long the media has been intruding into celebrities’ lives may be lacking the depth perception of age. I remember seeing quite a bit of stuff about Sean Penn, and a lot more about Tom Cruise. I’m not approving it, just commenting that it’s not new. One of the things I really admire about Peter Facinelli is how he seems to use popular media so successfully to promote his work, without being very personally revealing.

  3. I have to say it…I have the biggest THING for Chaske Spencer!

  4. I think his understanding of how lengthy the press has been intruding into celebrities’ life may be missing the level understanding of age. I keep in mind seeing quite a bit of things about He Penn, and a lot more about Tom Vacation.


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