100 Monkeys: Age Is Just a Number

100 Monkeys sat down with legendary Las Vegas entertainment reporter Robin Leach (yes, that Robin Leach) to talk about the band’s dynamic:

“It isn’t the unusual name of 100 Monkeys that makes the funk rock band so unique. It isn’t just that Twilight star Jackson Rathbone is in the band. It isn’t just the fact that all five musicians can switch over to one another’s roles and alternate instruments during performances. It’s the fact that four of the all-American boys are in their 20s, and the fifth member is a black man in his late 50s.

“The age gap is unique, but art has no age, no number, no beginning and no end,” 57-year-old Chicago-born Lawrence Abrams told me. “When I first met them, I saw and felt a lot of myself coming up in them right before my eyes. I may be 25 years their senior, but they have rhythm and soul. They say I bring a lot of wisdom, kindness and patience to their table.”

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