Video: Robert Pattinson Performs Live, Vocals and Guitar

According the YouTube write up:

“Here is an extended, high quality clip of Robert Pattinson’s impromptu performance at Songs from a Room in London earlier this year. Also playing that evening were Marcus Foster, Passion Ate Dave, Lucinda Belle Orchestra, Three Colours & Anna Phoebe. Check out our other videos & become a fan on Facebook

Songs From a Room is an innovative concept, dedicated to bringing the best of new music to an unusual space or venue. Mix in a crowd of dedicated music lovers, other artists, and industry professionals and you have an evening which promises electric performances and new networks.


  1. Lovely! Want more!

    But…what’s up with the beard, thanks god he trimmed it off!

    • Haha I think the beard is hot! And I love hearing him sing, he sounds great! Only problem is I can’t understand half of what he is saying lol

  2. It’s a bit of a tragedy that the lime light has shied him away from sharing this side of himself with the world.
    Maybe the passing of time and fading of the hysteria will bring this Rob back out.
    So Beautiful.

  3. I agree with you Ephzi, it is a tragedy. What a gift this was for fans. He’s such a beautiful musician. I wanted more after Never Think and Let Me Sign. I hope he does an album some day.

  4. I’ve listened to this like a million times. I just love his voice. Even though you can’t make out most of the words, his voice is pretty

  5. CullenCoven says:

    Edward can do anything, right?

  6. Maelina says:

    Beautiful. *sigh* I really wish he’d change his mind and record an album.

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