Kellan Lutz’s The Immortals Trailer Release

It’s hard to pick out Kellan who plays Poseidon in the trailer. The movie releases right before Breaking Dawn part I comes out. According to Nikki on Twitter he’s at the 1:41 mark (don’t blink)


  1. THe guy diving into the ocean? I had to watch it twice but you can tell it’s him. Looks good. I love, love, love “300” so I should like this too.

  2. Mary Masen says:

    Yeah! here comes the God of the Sea!!!

  3. anyone else more excited for this than breaking dawn?!?!

  4. I agree with Tasha. No way!

  5. Gigi Cullen says:

    Blinked, didn’t didn’t see it. Oh well. I’m seeKellan in the Borne series. Looks good though. And I can wait, really.

    • C Bungalow says:

      There is a nice still photo of Kellan in The Immortals at the Internet Movie Data Base

      The guy diving into the ocean is Henry Cavill, not Kellan.

      The lead in this movie is Stephenie’s original choice for Edward, Henry Cavill, who had aged out before the movies came to be. He has dropped all his body fat and is one beautiful man. See :29, :55, 1:05, 1:18 and from 1:53 on……He’s also eye candy in the ad for London by Dunhill in a tux strolling up to a rooftop to his private helicopter.

      What a drag that Superman has to wear that ridiculous suit! The muscles are lovely 😉

  6. this looks epic! does any one know if kellan will have a big role in the movie, or is he just like an extra character? (hope that made sense)

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