The Vampire Treadmills Are Back

Remember those behind the scenes videos for Eclipse that featured Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, and Liz Reaser running on treadmills with a green screen behind to simulate vampire, high-speed running? Well, it looks like they are back in use. Kristen Stewart, Guri Weinberg, and Noel Fisher were using them as part of filming in a sequence the other day that took place near a public park.

The photos aren’t too spoilery. You can’t see Kristen’s face so no fear, you won’t get an accidental glimpse of vampire Bella. Guri and Noel (who play Vlad and Stefan) however are pretty clear. We have one photo under the cut and a link to more at Celeb Buzz.


  1. Glad to see they brought back the big curls; they seem more “Bella” to me.

    • I know, they seem more “Bella” to me too which is weird because in the book her hair is straight…

  2. I think she’s wearing a wig. Kristen’s hair is shorter than that . They’ve fooled us!! LOL
    Anyways, the hair is also a little reddish, which is great. in none of the other movies we can actually see Bella’s hair turn that kind of red in the sunlight. Only brown with lighter highlights…
    THIS IS GOOD!!!!
    BUT, i don’t understand the clothes she’s wearing.
    it doesn’t look like a dress or sweat pants or something you would wear to go and run…

    • Helen Pauline says:

      She’ll probably be wearing the dress in the scenes, and most likely just put on the sweat pants in between takes.

    • It’s still really cold up here so she’s probably just keeping her legs warm between takes…or while she figures out the treadmill…you know so that if she falls while practicing they don’t have to cover up a bandage latter.

  3. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Yeah, I remember a book scene where Bella blows her hair straight. When I do that its not really straight, u know, it just disciplines the waves … Just like the pic.

  4. OMG I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! well i can tell that Kristen is prob shooting the scene where she just wakes up and is going hunting for the first time. A couple of things sticked out: no shoes on, and what looks like duck tape or shoes that are a neutral color of skin, her blue dress, and her curly hair. In the book with the same scene Alice puts her in a blue dress, she takes off her shoes to run better, and her hair is prettier than before. oh, and i don’t think she’s wearing a wig, maybe just red/brown long extensions.

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Yeah, the little “shoes” look like they’re just on to protect her feet from the treadmill.

      • exactly! especially when you’re supposed to be barefoot. but during post production I’m sure they can digitaly add feet or her own feet. with all the hollywood magic they can do these days, im sure it’s something they can handle.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Gah! These pics make me so excited.

  6. I thought her hair was suppose to be longer as a vampire =(
    Remember when it describes her looking at herself for the first time?… She says that her hair is like down to her waist.
    grrrrr, was hoping to see a noticeable difference in Kristen’s looks as a vampire.

  7. aaaa! wedding ring!! 🙂

  8. God I hate these people. Why is there no face in that pic?

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