Kristen Stewart Turns 21 and Fundaiser is a HUGE Success

On Saturday Kristen Stewart turned 21 and it was also the final day to donate to the Covenant House Kristen Stewart Birthday Project.  Well the results are in and they are fantastic! According to Twilightish, who coordinated the efforts:

“Hi friends,
Yesterday was the last day to submit donations to Covenant House.  All fans, blogs and twitter partners raised a astounding $16,491.37 being donated in Kristen Stewart’s name as of today!!
We here at Twilightish would like to thank you for making this possible. Without all of you there would be no substantial amount going to help the Covenant house. We are all truly touched at the generosity of our readers and the readers of our partner sites. It gives us all great pleasure to present the Covenant House with this donation on all your behalf’s.  The Twilight fandom has always been an incredibly tight knit community and it is great to see that it still is. Once again, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. “


  1. This is way cool !

  2. It was for a really good cause and I was proud to donate. I hope it helps.

  3. I wonder if Kristen knows how giving her fans are! That is just so awesome.

  4. This is awesome! By the way, Why didn’t you do a ‘Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart’ post few days ago like you do with all the other actors? Or did I miss it? Thanks =)

  5. Is the $16k the total with or without the double matching funds? Prayers for you and your parents.

  6. Probably would have raised more if you had her bday posted with the reminder to donate.

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