Elle Magazine Interviews Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is featured in the current Elle magazine:

On the women he daydreamed about as a teen
I was always obsessed with Kate Moss. On my bedroom wall I had a poster of Linda Blair and Kate Moss. I always liked Jane Fonda. Who else? Ellen Burstyn.

On what embarrasses him
I guess if you’re constantly in public, you’re not embarrassed about anything. But dancing is my Achilles’ heel—I don’t even try. It’s like, “Come on, dance!” “No, I’m not getting up!” I can freestyle by myself with no one watching. I’m a great dancer then.”

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  1. you gotta give me one of those. 😀

  2. Faith Galleon says:

    hahah =) cute! 😀

  3. He looks in that pic like the young George Clooney…simply gorgeous and handsome! And he´s so sweet, too…

  4. Would love to see him do dancing with the stars! I bet it would be the best season ever…they should also put Peter, Nikki R, Jackson, oh heck, lets just have a Twilight with the Stars season lol I’d watch!

    • That would prob be a record season if all the twilight stars i.e the cullens and wolves, would have their own season. Id bet it’d be funny too. And Twihards could be the judges. Something to dream about. Lol

  5. This is a pretty awesome interview! I don’t consider myself a Rob/Edward fangirl, but I appreciate his humor and solid sense of self here.

  6. Whew! I have to say those are by far some of my favorite pics of Rob! I love the classic look!

  7. Come on now, Rob! We’ve seen a short video of you dancing (or trying to dance) in making of Eclipse dvd 😉

  8. Oh god, I laughed so hard when I read the part about him calling his parents to say goodbye each time he gets behind the wheel.

  9. smitten_by_twilight says:


  10. smitten_by_twilight says:

    It took me a few hours to get to this, but I have to say that I am APPALLED by the very public speculation that journalists and fans engage in regarding Rob’s and Kristen’s private lives. They have made their desire for privacy extremely clear. Observations made directly by fans during sightings are one thing – public speculation about their sex lives is something entirely different. This is HORRIFIC, and I’m NO LONGER SURPRISED AT ALL that neither of them maintains a public online presence anymore. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

    • Don’t worry,alot of people have already wrote to Elle,saying how ashamed they are by this guy’s comments. He was out of line and the comment was tabloid-worthy,but that’s not the first time Elle has done this. You’re right though,this is the reason why Rob,Kristen and the rest of the cast try to keep their private lives their own. Making statements like the one the journalist did without any research,can cause a major uproar of dislike from fans,if you insult the person they respect.

    • I forgot to add,think next time before you write your report.

    • Unfortunately, I guess the writer of the article is assuming he doesn’t have to maintain complete journalistic objectivity because of the nature of the magazine/article. That gives him the “freedom” to add commentary and editorialize. It’s definitely in poor taste, but it’s the norm for most articles of this type, where it’s not a straight news story and they are adding sarcasm and conjecture to spice up the interview; most just don’t go nearly that far in speculating on private issues, preferring to let the interviewee’s own words and thoughts speak for themselves. I always enjoy Rob’s interviews, but he must get tired of doing them…knowing that many will turn out like this…

      • smitten_by_twilight says:

        Thx for the support 🙂 I was beginning to wonder how many people I offended with my little rant!

  11. I feel him about the dancing. I’m a former band nerd and I cannot freestyle dance to save my life. That and I have waaaay too much pride to make a fool out of myself for even trying, so there ya go. lol

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