Jamie Cambell Bower Gives Thumbs Up to Vampire Bella

Via Twilightish


  1. Moonbeam says:

    I like the headline, but I’ve watched the video twice and he doesn’t even mention Kristen Stewart nor “vampire Bella”???

    But the video does give some interesting information on how dark the movies will be, and that they explore how evil the Volturi are. I hope that means there’s a chance we’ll see the backstory of Marcus, Aro and Caius. I love their history in the book.

  2. Didn’t hear anything about Bella/Kristen in this video?

  3. I thought the same thing about the Volturi until I read the last book! lol

    • What do you mean the last book ? Yea they got kinda of wimpy but hello if you saw all the people on the Cullen side I would too. And the Volturi went there planning on killing people so what are you saying ?

  4. I’m loving all this Volturi stuff ! This movie is going to be bad ass FINALLY!

  5. Wraithe says:

    ummm. Is it possible to get any video footage written down? There has been hundreds of videos and people like me miss out on the information in them because we cant watch the videos. Maybe just a short briefing under the video? 🙂

  6. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Cool video and neat to get Jamie’s take on the Volturi, which totally coincided with mine (from thinking they’re not evil, just law enforcement – to thinking no wait, they are evil, slimy bullies). However, I also listened twice and did not hear word one about Bella or Kristen. Was this the wrong clip?

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