Robert Pattinson Address the Breaking Dawn Leaked Materials


  1. That is hilarious! Rob is releasing the Twi-Hard Army on the world of ****heads and ****S that keep leaking this stuff! …

    Rob made a great point — what was the point? Are you just trying to be annoying (cause it worked) are you just trying to piss people off (cause it worked) You are NOT tryign to get money becuase you didnt sell it and you are NOT trying to get publicity or frame (you dont want us to know who you are — so at least you are smart) becuase you kept it “anymous” … whatever its over with and it sucked …

  2. Twilight Powerrrrrrrrrr–ACTIVATE!! I agree, Rob, let’s find these infiltrators and just get rid of them completely!

    • LoL … It’s so funny because we would actually do it 🙂 I’m happy to hear good things about Breaking Dawn at least from Rob ! He doesn’t really comment on the Twilight movies a lot. But it sounds like Bill is doing great things. But he does look pissed poor guy !

  3. Rob, you are a sweet, sweet boy! Hugs and kisses!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ahh …so thats how they got out. Someone hacked them. I was thinking someone on the inside leaked them. There’s not only photos but there’s also actual video footage that leaked. Incredible

  5. Lol love Rob, if I knew I would help trying to find who did this. I totally agree with him.
    Can’t wait to see WFE sounds like everybody that has seen it has like it.

  6. Lol love Rob, if I knew I would help trying to find who did this. I agree with him and he look a bit pissed. I don’t blame him for that.
    I’m excited to see WFE sound like everybody that has seen like it.

  7. Sarah Crawford says:

    I’m really upset because someone showed me a youtube video with ALL of the leaked photos – there are so many ! Part of me wanted to see them of course, but the other part of me wanted it to be a surprised even though the key scenes look exactly how I imagined them while reading.

  8. Yea I saw them too, I was curious, they are really sexy, but I feel bad how they got leaked, especially for the actors and people that work hard for the movie to give us Twi fans the best movie

  9. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Sadly, “good” fans do not maliciously hack bad fans. Are there any skilled, not-quite-that-good fans out there? YOU can stay anonymous, we support YOU.
    Didn’t hear about the photos till Summit sent out that plea to fans – haven’t seen them and happy not to – but thanks to those who reported that they look great. (Note to malicious hacker who posted them; I would have been willing to wait. Anticipation is fun.)
    And BTW – if you have any positive feelings towards Rob AT ALL, why would you hack his email? He’s got a family to keep in touch with!

  10. you don’t even have to say anything Rob we are already on it 😉

  11. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    That was great!

  12. hahaha omg I love that Rob is so upset about it! It shows it’s really important to him, and he really cares about the fans seeing the final product. I’ve never seen him get really annoyed with something in an interview like that, and it made me happy that he did. Also, Josh Horowitz is the BEST! <3

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