Jackson Rathbone: Hiding Some Broken Ribs

According to Contact Music, Jackson Rathbone told a British TV show that he hid an injury during the filming of Breaking Dawn. Jackson told Peaches Geldof on her OMG program

“I’m just about to head out to Vancouver, where it’s very cold, and finish filming the rest of the Twilight series… Actually I just got back (from filming some scenes) where I did all my own stunts for the Twilight film… Well actually, I’ve got to tell you a little secret that no one else knows. I did all my own stunts with a broken rib.

“I didn’t even tell the production company because I was afraid that they were going to not let me do my own stunts and I had to do it. So I just wore a rib splint and went in there, did it… bit through the pain, if you know what I mean. There you go.”

See the whole story on Contact music.

This wouldn’t be the first time Jackson was injured on set.  He fell off a horse in Eclipse (more wounded pride than anything there), and he and Kellan Lutz mis-timed a sequence in Eclipse where Jackson ended up with a concussion because as Peter Facinelli put it, “Jackson’s head hitting Kellan’s fist wasn’t really a good combination.”


  1. There’s dedication for you! Most people wouldn’t do that.

  2. awwwww. so brave of you do so but i think health comes first always so better take care of that in future and think about your caring fans once.!!! but we always knew that u r a SUPERHERo:D

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