Tinsel Korey Talks Breaking Dawn and Her Music to Ology

Ology just caught up with Tinsel Korey and talked about her Breaking Dawn and Twilight Saga experiences and her music career.

“For you Twihards, actress Tinsel Korey is Emily Young, the werewolf leader’s scarred fiancé or “wolf girl” as Bella calls her in The Twilight Saga. But, what you probably don’t know is that she’s a super talented singer/songwriter too. That’s right. She acts. She sings. She’s gorgeous. And she can probably make you laugh in less than two seconds. Someone that chill must be inherently pretentious and self-involved. Nope. Tinsel’s about as down to earth and charming as they come. And I got to chat with her. Be jealous.

We talked about her single, “Letter” (get it here!), what she likes to do for fun and of course, Breaking Dawn.”

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  1. “I think by Breaking Dawn there are no teams. Bella’s marrying Edward, so I think the team scenarios are gone out the window at this point.”

    YES!!!! It was so nice to FINALLY have someone say that! I’ve been thinking that since they first started the whole “Team Edward/Team Jacob” marketing campaign. Like, if you’ve read the books you KNOW that Bella ends up with Edward. End of story. You can’t really be pulling for Jacob to be with her, because ultimately he’ll end up with Renesme. Bella and Edward are meant for each other.

  2. hahahahhahaha

  3. Is it just me or does she look very underweight and unhealthy???

    • Yeah…I just don’t really like the angle of this picture, the fact that you can see down her shirt…she is gorgeous though!

    • Twilight_News says

      Having seen Tinsel multiple times in person, she is certainly thin; however, in person she does not appear to be grossly underweight. So in our opinion it’s the camera angle. Actually, in general a lot of the Twilight actresses are very thin, but no one to us in person looked to be dangerously skin and bones (least the last time we saw then on the red carpet in tight dresses that show everything…can’t hide in low backed and low front strapless dresses)

      • Thanks Twilight News for the comment. I was also thinking how very thin Tinsel’s body looked in this photo. Wasn’t sure if it was the angle or her. Glad to hear it’s not a health issue for her. Love her as Emily.

      • vampbball says

        I’m glad to hear it. Her legs look like arms. But I can’t imagine why anyone would photoshop a picture to look that way.

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