EW March 25 Cover to Feature Robert Pattinson

According to Entertainment Weekly:

Twilight-fans, take heart: Robert Pattinson is every bit as good-looking and thick-maned as he appears onscreen. But don’t confuse him with his brooding characters — the 24-year-old actor is surprisingly open, chatty, and quick to laugh. Pattinson talked with EW last week about his upcoming film Water for Elephants (in theaters April 22), in which he plays a traveling-circus veterinarian who falls for the show’s star attraction, played by Reese Witherspoon. He also discussed what his future might look like once he’s finished with Twilight. “You can never really predict what an audience wants or how to maintain a career,” he says, “other than doing what you think is cool.” But, Pattinson laughs, “Generally, what I think is cool is what everyone else hates.””

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USA Today also has a quote from the same issue:

“Pattinson confirms he and Stewart have filmed the birth scene, and with a laugh, says the shooting was “kind of hilarious.”

He explains: “She has to have this pregnant suit on all the time, that was probably more annoying for her,” he said. That’s not the only change you’ll see in Bella.

“I can’t give too much away but there’s some bits, especially towards the end of the movie, she’s just like the polar opposite of any of the other (films),” he says. “I mean, she’s a different person, which is cool. She looks completely different. She looks probably the most convincing vampire out of all of us.”

Meaning what, exactly? “A lot of us look like we’re just from Mars,” said Pattinson. “She’s kind of the smallest one, but she suits being a vampire.”

Next up: Breaking Dawn‘s wedding shoot, scheduled for April. “That’s a hard scene too,” he told us. Not to mention the flood of paparazzi who will try to get a shot of Bella and Edward headed down the aisle. “It’s been OK in Vancouver in terms of people showing up and trying to get stuff,” says Rob. “I have a feeling the wedding is going to be the one with (paparazzi) parasailing in.” Talk about a money shot.”

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  1. Kinda of hilarious ? If it’s like that in the movie I’LL BE PISSED !

    • I don’t think he meant the birth scene is hilarious but that filming it was.

    • Rob always thinks everything is hilarious, and then in the actual movie he is dead serious. I’m sure it will be great. This is making me SO EXCITED!!

  2. He looks older to me in that pic.

  3. Helen Pauline says

    I can see the headlines now, if the tabloids get a picture of the wedding: Rob and Kristen Finally Tie the Knot! or Rob and Kristen’s Secret Wedding.

    • That is EXACTLY what is going to happen. It’s horrible, but it’s true.

      • sophieloucullen says

        I really hope they don’t get pictures, they’d be posted all over and it would spoil that part of BD!

  4. sophieloucullen says

    Rob looks amazing in this picture!

    • I agree 100%!!!

    • I think he looks good too, but his hair looks a little off. I think maybe it’s too dark.

      • sophieloucullen says

        I see what you mean, it does look a bit darker! Didn’t notice that before, he still looks perfect though.

      • That’s the new Edward hair colour they’re using for BD. I think it’s a bit too dark as well, but of course it’ll probably look different on film, so I’m not judging yet.

  5. What I find most amusing is that Reese played his MOTHER in a little movie a few years ago called “Vanity Fair.” His scenes were cut, but they do appear as extras in the special features of the disk.

    • HisGoldenEyes says

      yeah i heard that! that’s how he got the part as cedric diggory in harry potter because his scenes were cut in that movie

    • Hah! I though that exact same thing. I LOVE the book, but it’s going to be kinda hard seeing her that way without thinking of Vanity Fair.

  6. He looks awfully dashing on that cover.

  7. Wow he looks beautiful in that cover. I will be seeing this movie it looks good.
    And lol love he sense of humor, can’t wait for BD i think is gonna be great, I hope they pick a pretty wedding dress 🙂

  8. Gorgeous cover, both Rob and Reese look amazing! Can’t wait to see them in WfE, the film looks beautiful.

    About BD, I also hope the paps won’t get pics of the wedding, I guess it depends of the location they’re going to shoot it at. However, if there’ll be pics, I know I’m going to look at them, I’m way too weak to stop myself.

  9. I hope they already did the wedding scene and are just trying to fake out the photo spies. BTW if you haven’t read wfe it is an excellent read.

  10. Cant wait for the photoshopped version of this pic with Ksten in it..you know its coming..lol