Robert Pattinson: Gives Total Film Birth Scene Comment

We assume this was an off-the-cuff comment by Robert Pattinson since all the magazine is running is literally this one line. There is no sit down-interview that followed. Here is the comment:

“Twihards, rejoice. Robert Pattinson tells Total Film that the scene where his character performs a caesarean (sic)with his teeth on wife, Bella (Kristen Stewart), has been filmed for the final part of the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn.

“Yeah, I’ve done it,” RPattz laughed, “I’ve chewed it, spat it out!”

Total Film is generally a pretty reliable entertainment source. So what do you think? Off-hand comment by Rob as he went for coffee.



  1. I hope it’s nuts ! That’s what I love about Breaking Dawn. It’s nuts, weird and crazy and I love it ! I don’t want boring and predictable.

    • Where do u think they will cut off part 1? I think we will know she is preggo then they cut it off or hopefully we will get to the birth scene & get to see her emerge as a vampire then they cut it off.
      I don’t wanna wait until 2013 to see her as a vampire!

      • I doubt they’d cut it when we find out she’s pregnant. That’s a bit too early, in my eyes. I say either as Nessie is being born, when Bella opens her eyes as a vamp, or when Jake sees Ness for the first time.

      • I think part 1 will end with w close-up of Bella’s face, she’ll open her bright red vamp eyes….BAM!… cue credits : )

        • I so totally agree with you Mel, that sounds perfect. Just like in New Moon at the end where Edward asks Bella to marry him and you hear her sharply inhale.

        • My thought exactly. It seems like it would be a good stopping place.

          When I heard that they were making the last book into 2 parts, I could already see it.

          Right when she opens her eyes the first time as vampire bella(dramatic music playing in the background) the screen goes black(cue credits).

          Then the long wait till Part 2 comes out.

          • you know I think that part one is going to end right when Jake sees Nessie n it leaves room for part two to start when Bella opens her eyes and she (along with the audience) start seeing the world as a vampire 😛

  2. I can’t WAIT to see BD 1 & 2! My absolute FAVE FAVE book of the series..I wonder where they will end part 1 & pick up part 2 the following year? I think we will see her preggo in part 1, maybe the birth scene and part 2 will be the fight scenes?
    No, I think we will get up to her discovering her pregnancy then it will end on a cliffy.

    • There’s not enough material to end it that early. And, I believe, according toe Wyk Goddfrey, the break centers around her transformation. I have a feeling it will end with the birth scene…the cliff hanger will be does she “live” or die. Perhaps they will give us a little more than that, and it ends abruptly as she opens her red eyes. Either way, we will more than likely see the entirety of her pregnancy in BD1. BD2 will center around her new life as a vampire and meeting the Volturi threat.

    • Jean Brown says:

      OMG….i never thought of it that way before i have been assuming like eveyone else that it would end with her opening her eyes as a vampire.Jeez…..i hope they dont end it when Bella finds out she is pregnant…..that would suck

  3. Seems like MR made a comment somewhere to the effect that they are cutting it off after the birth but before she is a vampire. They wanted to save her as a vampire for the second film.

  4. I think ending at just finding out she’s prego would make for a pretty boring part 1. Honestly as much as we all wanna see the honeymoon having a movie with just a wedding and a honeymoon in it wouldn’t provide a lot of action. Then they’de be squeezing the pregnancy, and all the other action into one movie. Hopefully, they show all the way up to the birth at least and then while she’s being changed hearing all the voices around her anfvthen end right there when she opens her eyes.

  5. They are going to end it with her monolouge on how she feels the burning. and pick up part 2 in the same spot I bet.

  6. What I think lots of Americans are often forgetting, is that Rob is British. British people are well known for their thick sarcasm.

    So, it might be true, but it might also job be Rob with his British humor. Either way, I can’t wait to see what they do with that particular scene. 🙂

  7. sadly i have a sense of disappointment coming our way. I know there are alot of teens who follow the saga, but they are NOT the only ones so to “tone” down several KEY scenes is an insult to us older followers as well. I do not think they will do the last book justice and this is a tragedy. Last book, last movie the writers, directors, and stephanie should have gone all out. I hope my comments right now prove wrong in the end.. i hope against hope =/

    • Just because it’s going to be PG13 doesn’t mean it has to be a disappointment. It’s not a matter of the studio/director/screenwriter shying away from “going all out;” as most fans know, SM is morally opposed to rated R movies and had it written into her contract that these film adaptations would fall within certain guidelines. But, with a good director, a good script and good acting, there’s no reason why it can’t be well done and satisfying for the fans. The key parts don’t have to be overtly explicit to be enjoyable! Setting, mood/tone, special effects, camera angles, music, score and acting can work wonders! I for one am looking forward to it…and if it’s not quite what I imagined, well, then I always have the books and my imagination! But I never expect the two to line up exactly…that’s just setting unrealistic expectations. I’m going to enjoy it for what it is!

  8. Since Wyck Godfrey’s wife is a well-known OB/GYN, I *hope* they figured out the birth pretty well.

    But I have my doubts. I keep hearing the actors saying that Condon is making BD into much more of a horror film that the previous movies. Like they are surprised by just how much it will be a horror film.

    I’m concerned about that. In horror, the theme is often, “Oh, crap. Life sucks and then you die — in a gross way. Fear and tremble in dismay, for there can be no hope in such a terrible world!”

    Yet, Breaking Dawn is where Bella experiences her apotheosis. And that’s not horror, that’s adventure: the hero overcomes all and now sees as they are seen.

    So, mark me as concerned.

    • Lynne Stringer says:

      I don’t recall any blood at all in the previous movies (apart from Bella’s bite from James and the bump on her head from the bike accident) so I think the mere sight of blood on set (and with a childbirth scene like that there has to be some) would probably make them think it was a bit more “out there” than the other movies. And BD is a bit more horror oriented than the others. I thought that when I read it. But the censors will still have final cut, and it’s going to be PG-13, so I they will need to take care.

  9. I love Rob and all his off hand comments. You can always count on Rob saying something great!!!

  10. I heard it will be after the birth and the new one will be her transformation.

  11. Just for the record, I’m a teacher in a middle school (the supposed average age for this series). Today, I was informally explaining to some of my 7th graders about Breaking Dawn. None of them had read the book, but they’d seen Twilight and new the basics of the story. Boy…you should have seen the reaction when I explained the whole “Jacob imprinting on Nessie” thing. They were completely grossed out. I’m worried that moviegoers who have never read the books are going to freak if they don’t handle this aspect right. We twifans are accustomed to it, because we’ve read the books and are so immersed in SM’s canon. But to people who haven’t cracked a single page, this looks perverted. I’m not making this up, just telling you how an entire class of 12 year olds reacted.

    • i have to disagree with you young adults are not 7th graders to me more like 15,16 or 17 year olds seem like a cool teacher my 7th grade teacher would have never talked about stuff like that

    • Weirdo..

    • Jean Brown says:

      With all due respect, i dont think they are worried about the people who have not “read the book”. People who go to see these movies are fans who have read the book….these are the people that have made the movie franchise so successful and not the people who dont have a clue what is goong on and of course if you explain the whole imprinting thing to someone who has never read book then yes they are going to think it is gross. This franchise do not need “non-fans” going in to see the movie to be successful. There are millions and millions of fans who will get the movie over the and it will shatter box office records

  12. Not only will the fans be there but all the husbands and boyfriends who are coaxed into going. The movie will need to let them understand without having read the book. I too, love Rob’s sense of humor. Think BD I will end with everyone hanging if Bella will live or “die”. In Deathly Hallows I, I sat there just wondering where the movie will break. Hope that doesn’t happen in BD. Hear the wedding will be in part II. Hope that’s not true, really hate it when they don’t stick to book. You don’t have to get an R rating to get the meaning accross. Stephenie does it quite well.

  13. I think twilight doesn’t have good diriectery & its too boring & Robert Pattinson can actoring in better films!!!!!!


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