Video: Robert Pattinson Talks Water For Elephants and More on Leno


  1. Wow, seems a little forced, not natural…too bad.

  2. Is it just me was that “comedian” the worst EVER?! She wasn’t funny, was too loud and just obnoxious. And Jay wasn’t even trying. Not worth staying up until midnight.

  3. I completely agree that this was not a great interview! I was pretty disappointed because last time Rob was on Leno the interview was great. Rob didn’t seen relaxed. He seemed kind of forced as Lisa pointed out. And it is not just you, LaurenH, that comedian was definitely the worst ever!

  4. Yeap, definitely agree that this is not a good interview at all.

  5. i thought it was a good interview and she was really funny lighten up people

  6. At times Robert comes off very handsome, but as soon as he opens his mouth, POOF! that boy is one silly ass. He’s been around long enough to collect himself and start behaving like a grown up. I get embarrassed for him with some of his inane responses. He’s not funny or cute, just an ass.And sit up straight, he looks like he’s going to roll off the chair. Boy, would I like to read the true back story on him.

    • um, disagree. I think he is both funny AND cute. Rob has a great sense of humor. He said in his MTV interview that he wished he would have wrote some material for Leno, but I think he’s at his best just talking normal. He has a great personality.

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