Stephenie Meyer Nominated as Children’s Author of the Year

Stephenie Meyer has been nominated as Children’s Author of the Year based on her book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. You can see from the above graphic that she faces stiff competition from her fellow nominees.  You can vote over on Children’s Book Week.

Stephenie was previously recognized by this group in 2009 for her work on Breaking Dawn. The awards were established in 2008.

EDITED: Please note that just like the New York Times and many other best seller lists, they do not have a list for YA books. They lump everything from Pat the Bunny to YA novels racier than Twilight in the wide-sweeping children’s books category. Both the Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments series also contain mature elements.  When they make these lists they are more or less looking at grade 6 through high school.

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  1. Children’s author??? They aren’t children’s books.

  2. MeyaRose says:

    Great children’s book. The main character and all her friends and enemies die at the end. Really great thing to read to your 5-year-old before he/she goes to sleep.

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    When I saw “Children’s” Author of the year… None of these people write children’s book, unless you consider 18 under children.

    Also while I certainly loved “Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” it isn’t even a full book. It’s a novella… a really great novella, but not a complete book… They need to figure out what criteria they are judging by.

  4. Twilight_News says:

    Just amended the post to reflect what they mean by “children’s”. It’s really an industry term that sadly lumps a ridiculous amount of material together from Dr. Seuss to PC Cast.

    There are a lot of authors and publicists who have been fighting in vein to get YA established as a category in many competitions, lists etc. For example, Publisher’s Weekly doesn’t count YA in their best seller list even though they are far outselling non-YA books.

    USA Today is one of the few places that puts YA in an equal arena.

  5. Since Twilight is young adult, it shouldn’t be in the children category. Just because there’s no YA category, doesn’t mean SM should be “lumped” in an existing category.
    I really don’t think anyone under high school age should be reading these books…. I mean, honestly! These are mature themes that pre-teens shouldn’t be reading about. There’s a reason why the movies are rated PG-13. And if you were to give the books a movie rating, all but the first book would be rated R! Heck, BD would be NC-17. The images are painted in the reader’s mind whether the scenes are vividly described or not.

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