Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Make Screen Junkies Best Actor List

According to Screen Junkies, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are at the top of their game in young Hollywood:

“The 10 best young famous actors got their start as child stars. They were able to make the leap from child actor to young actor smoothly, which is not easy to accomplish. Some characters they choose to portray are emotionally deep, which can cause audiences to forget the young age of the actor. All of the 10 best young famous actors are extremely talented, and mature in their role choices, which shows their range as an actor.

1.Dakota Fanning. In 2001 Fanning got her first mainstream break with her role in “I Am Sam.” She has since become one of the most famous young, professional, and non-troublesome stars in Hollywood. One of the 10 best young famous actors because she has been well known, and respected since a young age.

8.Kristen Stewart. Her celebrity status became a famous actor when Stewart’s role as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” movies became known worldwide. Born in 1990, she has also starred in the movies “Into the Wild,” “Jumper,” and “Adventureland.” One of the 10 best young famous actors because her promising career has no signs of slowing down.”

Check out the whole list on Screen Junkies.


  1. I’m happy for both of them! I think they have bright,successful careers ahead. It’s amazing how grounded and down to earth they are.

  2. I just admire them both coz they are both talented and beautiful actress.

  3. gakota and kristen princess

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