Next Movie Does Robert Pattinson Cartoon Style

Next Movie in honor of Rango decided to expand our cartoon horizons:

“Practically every mega-star in Hollywood has gotten animated.

Tom Hanks was a toy. George Clooney was a fox. Angelina Jolie was a tigress. Eddie Murphy was an ass donkey. And now, Johnny Depp is a lizard in the desert-set romp “Rango.”

But as the roles above indicate, hardly ever do these stars voice people — even rarer people that resemble themselves.

We wondered aloud what these stars would look like as animated characters. Our old buddy Old Red Jalopy heard us and drew up these eight portraits.”

One of the portraits is of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen is seen left. Also don’t miss Rango where Gil Birmingham is voicing one of the characters!

Check out more cartoon stars on Next Movie!


  1. Looks more like crazy Charlie Sheen then Rob.

  2. Looks just like him, wish I had hair like that! amt, tbs!

  3. jennifer says:

    I actually think the only two who DON’T look like the person they represent are Angelina Jolie & Natalie Portman. The others are pretty good if not a bit more “caricature” than “cartoon version.” For example, think of Tom Hanks in Polar Express. The train conductor actually looks like Tom Hanks – minus the male-pattern-baldness. (:

  4. BloodSucking Leech says:

    Maybe when he’s 62

  5. TwiMomGran says:

    This cartoon representation is NOT flattering to or even resemble Rob Pattinson/Edward Cullen. Forgeddaboutit!

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