Photos of Breaking Dawn Costumes From The Official Twilight Tour

Hot off the set in Vancouver, the Official Twilight Tour by Creation Entertainment was displaying several costumes from the original Twilight movie and newer ones from Breaking Dawn.Β  We have some higher resolution photos in the works, but here are some IPhone snaps to tide you over. Creation Entertainment will have them at various shows throughout the year.

Kristen Stewart’s Jacket, pants, and shoes:

Robert Pattinson’s costume and shoes

Taylor’s jacket…yes, apparently he gets clothes.

All Three Outfits


  1. twilightdreamer says

    πŸ˜€ those are so cool!

  2. I like the colors and styles!! Bella’s boots are a little surprising…

  3. Don’t care for Bella’s boots a whole lot, the rest is cool though

  4. Rebecca M says

    love the fact that Bella can wear heeled boots now that her clumsiness is gone πŸ™‚

  5. yes!! love the fact they’re putting Bella in heels but they’re still not obnoxiously girly!! it shows that her clumsiness is completely gone and that shes grown up.(i have very similar shoes btw :D)

  6. I love it all! Although, I really hope that that is a post-transformation outfit for Bella. It just doesn’t seem like a human Bella outfit.

  7. twilightx95 says

    its obvious Bella wears that outfit when she is a vampire and jacob’s clothes are from the Cullens when he was constantly over at their house.

  8. Hope that’s an after outfit.

  9. If I’m not mistaken, Bella’s “pants” are for horseback riding. Did I miss a horse in BD??

    • They do look just like a pair of breeches I own!! and her shoes look like their trying to be pastern boots (without the heels)… thats so funny if they are trying to make riding apparel into a fashion, if so i’ve never been so fashion forward πŸ™‚

      • To me, although they do resemble riding breeches, they appear to be more like jeggings made out of a stretchy cotton knit. I have seen stuff like that in stores with patterns and material contrasts to make the jegging craze look like just about any kind of pants, these included. I’d wear a pair. I love the whole outfit.

  10. I love Bella’s outfit. I agree it seems it would be post-change?

  11. Bella’s outfit looks like a motorcycle riding outfit…the pants, jacket, and boots. Wonder if she’ll be riding a motorcycle at some point?!

  12. This is definitely there outfits for the battle scene. Summit would not in any way shape or form give out outfits that they havent used for filming so we have to go by what scenes they have filmed.

  13. This has to be their outfits for the battle scene with the Volturi. They’re going to look fierce,while standing off against Aro and his cronies. Can’t wait to see that in BD part 2.

  14. So perfect!

    Bella’s style is way more stylish and grown up when she’s “changed”, but she’s not overly girly and trendy. This outfit also has a very utilitarian rugged style that is practical for her being out in the woods alot, for hunting and Volturi battle.

  15. All the outfits are totally kickass. Glad Jacob is in clothes. Although I understand why he runs around half naked, it plays into too much stereotyping for me so I’m glad he’ll be wearing something snazzy too.

  16. Umm…..WHY IS BELLA WEARING Jodhpurs? She going horseback riding?? If not, that is just silly. Jodhpurs aren’t comfy, they aren’t fashionable. They’re an unpleasant requirement for riding a horse. OMG, I can see it now, everyone will go out and buy them.

  17. ltlmermaid4 says

    All Bella’s outfit needs is Aro’s wedding present and it is totally the final stand-off scene!

  18. They’re all great. Glad to know Jacob will be wearing some clothes…the over-display of muscled trose bugged me in Eclipse. Bella’s outfir looks perfect and Rob’s is very Edward.

    • torso*

      • It bugged me, but really only because people made a joke out of it. He’s that way in the books, out of necessity.

        • RosaSilvis says

          You are completely right it bodered me too… but I still hope he doesn`t have to appear in clothes all the time, just ignore the idiots that are making a joke out of it, its because they are jealous that taylor is so hot and they are not ^.^ =)

  19. KStew’s jacket is kick ass…

    However, I don;t see Edward sporting a pair of Doc Martens. Also, they’re all dirty and dusty. Regardless of whether we can see them in the movie, if they’re going to be labeled as Edwards wardrobe then they should be perfect; just like him.

    Sounds a little silly to rant about a pair of shoes.. #igotissues

  20. Funbunny64 says

    Awesome!! I also espiecially like Jacob and Bella’s outfit! those boot Bella’s gonna wear are fantastic! and I LOVE the jacket Jacob is gonna wear, it matches his style!XD anything AWESOME!! :DD

  21. KΓ‘ssia Jennifer says

    adorei o estilo de roupa que bella vai usar em amanhecer Γ© muito massa…agora eu nΓ£o vejo a hora de ver amanhecer..

  22. i wanted to c th wedding dress or something reneesme wore πŸ™
    and WHY is Jacob getting clothes???????

  23. That Looks AWESOME !!!!

  24. Omg, bella’s outfit was awesome!

  25. Kristen’s boots are AMAZING! Her whole outfit is Awesome! It’s so totally goint to be an outfit that she’s going to wear after the change. As for Rob’s and Taylor’s, they are going to be sweeeeet!
    I still don’t think that Rob should be wearing Doc Martins, but hey, I think the look is so totally Edward.

  26. Looks good but colors too boring, dark…like mine workers cloth

  27. why would Bella wear high-heels is she’s like a tomboy?

  28. I would willingly imagine my boyfriend in Edward’s clothes LOL
    My boyfriend’s hot by the way πŸ™‚

  29. am loving bellas boots . . . not so thrilled with jacob having to wear clothes!!! LOL!!!!

  30. omg so ohappy

  31. Vampire Bella? Otherwise those shoes would kill her

  32. maybe her and Edward go horse back riding on the honey moon while he is trying to keep her mind off you know what

  33. Looks cool!! I love Bella’s out fits its very fitting for when she is a vamp!!

  34. Christine Burri says

    Why is Bella in Jodhopers?

  35. Don’t like to boot’s for Bella or Edward. Clothes are ok.

  36. I want to be Edward’s outfit. I can spread myself all over him and make sure I cover every inch of his body. *sigh*

  37. Twibabe07 says

    Twilight’s my world and I can’t remember life without. I am Team Jacob and I’m glad he has clothes in this movie but it’s kinda hard to see him in those clothes, but i” just have to wait and see it for myself. πŸ™‚ GO TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! GO JACOB!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  38. She’s still going to be clumsy Bella until the second movie when she becomes a vampire. Part 1 she will still be human. Hasn’t anyone else noticed that Renesmee wasn’t cast until Part 2?! She shouldn’t be in heels yet :/ Just normal flat converse…

    • kelb1991 says

      erm renesme is only i part two as they are cutting the first one off just after she gives birth (or so i heard)

    • As far as I know, they’re filming the movies back to back as if it were one very long one; they’ve already shot bits from both Part I and Part II, which explains why Bella is in heels–this is probably one of her outfits as a vampire. After they wrap up filming in late spring, they’ll have all the scenes from both Part I & Part II, although they’re releasing them at different times.

  39. Bella would not wear that..

  40. Awsome can’t wait for Breaking Dawn goin crazy the book was GREAT couldn’t but it down….

  41. It’s amazing!!

  42. kelli Nation says

    This is so Crazy! Why can’t they just follow the book! Bella would Never where that and those Boots!! Also I could just see Stephanie writing about Edwards dirty Dr Martins!! Edward doesn’t get dirty! I wish Catherine Hardwicke would have remained the director for all the films she’s the only one that has came close to what it should be!

    • Your completely right! I can’t believe there making them dress like that! I’m so mad I wish they would follow the book:/ They Are Crazy.

      • kelb1991 says

        just gonna say, i completly agree they should stick to the book, but when do they ever stick to the book? look at the rest of the films, all the directors want to put their own spin on it, unfortunatly we will just have to deal with it.

      • RosaSilvis says

        Completely agree with you two… THEY JUST CAN`T FOLLOW THE BOOK!!! Jacob would never wear that, as far as the book says, he only wears a pair of old shorts and in the second part when he doesn`t have clothes Edward borrows him some… but THEY ARE NOT LIKE THAT!!!!

        • I know right in the book he has like a Pare of shorts the whole second half of the book! The only time he has a shirt in is Edwards clothes and the weding ! That’s it! And Bella’s clothes are all wrong WTF!

  43. Okay nu uh that is so not how I pictured Bella and jacob dressing that’s just not even right especially Bellas shoes And Jacobs jackets:( edwards clothes are okay but they should go back to how he originally dressed in the first one:) but I’m never ever gonna get over the shoes Bellas going to wear that’s just crazy:/

  44. omg they are awesome!!!! i love Bella’s the best! i’m glad that after Bella is a vampire she starts wearing more…. girly clothes in a way. you know what i mean lol

  45. da number1 fan in da whole universe says

    the outfit are sooooo faboulus der just made for each of dem especially bella’s nd edward’s i cnt wait to see dem in da movie wen it comes out πŸ™‚ this are the best

  46. I love the costume a lot better than Twilight’s costumes. The new ones are more fashionable and the ones for Twilight weren’t fashionable they were like clothes for working outside more like.

  47. omggggg now stop teasing me with little hints its going to give it away and i all ready want tosee it bad enough

  48. i don’t pay much attention to costumes they should release breaking dawn already

  49. do you love bella

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