Kristen Stewart to play Snow White

Palak Patel, the co-producer for Snow White and the Huntsman, tweeted the following about the casting of Kristen as the title character.

KStew is officially playing Snow White and her deal is in final negotiations and will close next week.

Other cast members are rumored to be Charlize Theron as the evil queen and Viggo Mortensen as the Huntsman.  The film is currently scheduled to be released Dec 21, 2012, giving Kristen the possibility of having two films in theatres at the same time depending on when Breaking Dawn Part 2 is released.  Tell us how you feel about seeing Kristen take on a princess in the comments.

Read the whole story at Hollywood Life.


  1. Danielle says:

    I say good for her!

  2. I think it’ll be great! From what I understand it’s not your “normal” princess movie. It’s more of a kick butt film. Very different from the animated Snow White.

  3. Yay, it might make me enjoy Snow White more. The old cartoon never interested me very much.

  4. I love snow white, I even bought the dvd when it came out, I would be pretty mad if she screwed this up.

    • i dont believe stuward can pull that off i would hate to thing that snow white would not make it . people get a grip she can not ruin snow white by dancing on a poll you need someone who is wholsome kristen has to chose her scripts very careful the rest of her movies did not do very well outside of twilight saga. her and rob should do something together again because thy complement each other on screen. even though all rob other movies did very well. remember me was the best at the end he gave all of us somethink back

  5. pinacolada says:

    I would be upset if it was the same old boring Disney Snow White but this is the Brothers Grimm Snow White. Kris is going to knock it out of the park. Now we only need a hot boy for the prince.

  6. Considering how well Alice in wonderland turned out… KStew is perfect for putting a darker twist on SW! I can’t wait!

  7. Brittany Clark says:

    Well, I feel like first of all, she already is a princess, but in real life. I know she doesn’t take well to media, but she’s gotten better and we treat her like a princess because she’s Bella. If you look back, we may take Edward to be all our Prince Charmings’ (Emmett for me.. sigh) but we also treat Kristen Stewart like a real life princess. ALso, she’s kind of taking on the female side of Johnny Depp role with all the interesting movie roles. It will be neato, benito!

  8. I think this would be a great oppurtunity to show us a different side of her acting style. Kristen does have a specific style/technique/whatever…. She’s an amazing actress and I can actually visualize her playing the part.

  9. I honestly think Kristen will be amazing in this. She’s only getting better and what I hear from the Breaking Dawn set is that she’s amazing and a movie star ! I can’t wait for her to get great roles like this because she deserves it. I’m a huge fan of hers and would love to see great things come to her. I like Rob but hoping more for Kristen.

  10. I think it gives her another chance to show that she can be more then just the vampire girl! id love to see this movie!

  11. I am happy that was is going to play something new and out of her comfort zone. The only thing i don’t want to see snow white have sex. It’s enough that little red riding hood sexed it up. we don’t need it in this film

  12. Part of me can’t wait to see her take on it but the other part of me dreads it because I haven’t exactly been impressed with her acting in almost all the movies I’ve seen with her in.

    • Yeah..

    • Have you seen The Cake Eaters? Welcome to the Rileys? If not,then you haven’t seen how she can stretch her acting talent,in more edgier roles. She gives 110% in all of her films,no matter what the subject matter and I know she will do a fine job in Snow White. This will be a more gothic Snow White and about as far from the Disney version as you can get. So I’m really looking forward to seeing it and Kristen give a knock out performance as well.

      • I don’t think anyone doubts she gives 110%. It’s just that her 110% doesn’t do it for everyone. Kristen has a very unique acting style and people either love it or hate it. Personally I think she’s a good actress-it’s just that some of her quirks i.e. awkward pauses, sighing a lot, lip biting, etc sometimes make it hard for me to really focus on her performance.

        Although if you look from Twilight to Eclipse she is getting much better at not doing that stuff. And it could be argued that she’s trying to convey Bella’s awkwardness, and I get that. Ok this is becoming way too long…I’m still on the fence about her as snow white. I guess I’ll just have to see how she does and then make a decision.

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          The awkward pauses, sighing, and especially the lip biting are trademark book Bella. I agree that KS has a very definite style – I love it – I noticed her back in Zathura when she played frozen for half the movie, and she keeps getting better. Check her out as Joan Jett in The Runaways, too. She does awesome work picking up her character’s body language in all her movies.

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          That sounded wrong – I meant I enjoyed the great work she did during Zathura, even though she spent half the movie frozen!

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          It sounds like great casting – it all depends on what direction they’re going with the script. I’ll have to re-read my Brothers Grimm … cuz while I’m sure she could manage it, KS isn’t my first choice for pre-adolescent, helpless, and not too bright, which would be the Disney SW.

      • I agree with you Marion. I’ve seen all of her work. I feel she is much better of an actress than Bella allows her to be. Her other films, although mostly indies, are fabulous.

      • Why oh why, won’t that picture die? None of us like it. That is the over CGI’d picture that makes her look like a Stepford wife.

      • I tried watching The Cake Eaters online a few months ago and couldn’t get into it to be honest and haven’t gone looking for WTTR. The trailer I’ve seen for WTTR looks interesting enough, so I may go looking for it to watch.

        This is one of the few movies I actually want to see her in to see this amazing actress a lot of people keep saying she is, but am kinda wary because of what I’ve seen om the past. So it’s really a wait and see as to how much the trailers and other promotional stuff get to me.

        • Rebecca, I agree with you Cake Eaters was hard to watch but I don’t think it’s Kristen’s performance so much as the movie itself being so depressing and the pacing dragging in places. She’s terrific in WTTR and the Runaways. Also saw Adventureland her acting was good there too but again not my favorite movie of hers. She’s great though in Into the Wild. That’s a definite must see recommendation. Speak she did a good job as well. Will definitely see her in Snow White.

    • thank you rebeca you said it all

  13. Kristen is a fantastic actor and i think she will do awesome in SW.

    quick side note: has anyone else noticed that all the new movies coming out are from books (The mortal instruments, Beastly, I am number 4 etc.) or from disney movies (SW, Alice in wonderland, etc.)????

  14. i watched the movie cake eaters on net flicks the other day and she was really good in that movie

    • Sara cooper says:

      Yes she was really good in Cake Eaters. I watched “Welcome To The Rileys” yesterday and she was unbelieveble in that she was completley different than her normal “chill girl” roles that she seems to do a lot og.

  15. She’s a good pick for this character. They will probably spin it to be modern like they just did with Red Riding Hood. I can’t wait to see how Kristen takes this role on!

  16. Hmmmm acording Roger Ebert: KRISTEN STEWART IS A WONDERFUL ACTRESS!!! no doubt and she will kick ass this role.

  17. I read in EW that there are 3 different versions of Snow White in production right now…one with KStew and Charlize Theron, one with Julia Roberts as the Queen. I think it’ll be big time SW overkill…

    • Jodi, I read that too. I hope they don’t all get released at around the same time. Audiences may have a hard time deciding which one is which and/or which one to see. I think I read there are 3 different versions in production right now. Whew!

  18. Bisma Huda says:

    snow white has always been my favortie disney princess sso im excited for her to be playing that role 🙂

  19. I’m so super excited that she get the part.I love and adore her!!!!’she is amazing actress and unique girl.Kstew ur the best and I love all your movie.

  20. I don’t like the story of Snow White and I REALLY don’t like the Disney version of Snow White that my children, unfortunately, love…but with her in it…and Viggo Mortensen, it could definitely be something I’d like to see!

  21. Charlotte says:

    It sounds like an edgier snow white and I think she will be great because she seems to act best in darker roles. I think she’s great anyway and will be looking forward to it.

    Will also be looking forward to seeing who plays the prince!!!

  22. Charlotte says:

    BTW this picture really doesn’t look anything like Kristen have seen it a few times and always think it’s someone else!!!

  23. OH NO!!!!! She’s going to RUIN the story of Snow White. I am NOT going to see this movie. PLEASE PLEASE choose SOMEONE ELSE.

    • Such a hater.don’t bother to go coz we don’t want you to affect us your jealousy and negativity.

      • Oh I’m not Jealous. I simply don’t like her in the Twilight movies. She was actually enteraining in Zathura and The Messengers.. I like the more Talanted actresses like Grace Kelly, Jane Rusell, Debbie Reynolds, Viven Leigh of Gone with the Wind. Kristen Stewart simply dose not rank amoung the greats.

        • Oh By the way I can assure you the Vast Majority of Southwest MO DISLIKES her acting.

        • Why are you comparing Kristen to a lot of dead people? It’s not like she will get a chance to act alongside them. Besides she’s only 20, give her time to reach that status. Taste is so subjective anyway.

        • Sounds like ur narrow minded or bitter to me coz if u don’t like her acting and u think she’s not that good then better not to watch her movie that she’s been in.leave to those who enjoy watching her acting and appreciate her.

          • My reply is direct to summer and 2:30 and sori liz is not u that I replying forgive me infact I agree for what u just wrote..

          • Skip on over to E! online. there are over 200 comments exactly like mine.

    • I think Summer is right… she is an okay actress, BUT I would personally choose someone better. I didn’t really like her in Twilight either, and if she is picked, she had better do a briliant Job at portraying Snow White. she is my favorite princess. thank you for wasting my time.

  24. Ur such a negative person u know she gonna ruin it ?can u atleast try to see the movie before u judge or give her a chance.

  25. How she will do as Snow White as far as acting portrayal, we will have to wait and see….but as far as looks, I think she will make a beautiful Snow White. She really looks great with the black hair and fair skin:)

  26. Not surprised to hear about another classic fairy tale to have a dark and goth like appearance. They have slowly made there way through the cracks. I will be excited to see what Kristen Stewart has to bring to this role. Snow White is a true classic. She definitely can pull off the black hair and fair skin as we all know and love. But it will be a first for her to play a princess. I’m rooting for you! Also to have Charlize Theron as the evil queen!! I think she will make a beautiful evil queen. And Viggo Mortensen! Can I say HOTTIE?! But who to play the Prince….hmmmm…Channing Tatum? What do you think?

  27. I love it! I agree get rid of the horrible photo shop photo!

  28. The original Grim is very different from Disney. Kristen will be amazing.

  29. Congrats Kristen I was crossing my fingers for this to happen. So cool! She will do a great job and I adore Charlize Theron too. I’m sure they will look great together.

  30. The original Grimm Snow White was an idiot!
    Disney SW was kind, and tried to help an old lady who seemed ill.
    The Grimm SW was stabbed, poisoned, and choked, ALL BY THE SAME “OLD WOMAN,” on three separate occasions, and she still didn’t think there was anything wrong with letting the psychopath into her home each time. Some versions, they were different disguises, but still! Why is she not smart enough to realize that someone is trying to kill her, and she shouldn’t open the door to strangers!
    Yes, they are morality stories to teach children lessons, but the Grimm’s Snow White was just plain STUPID!
    Not sure how they are going to create a strong, sympathetic character.
    KS as SW? With her hair dark, she’s lovely, and looks the part of SW. Congrats.

  31. I love the idea of KStew as Snow White. And it gives us a KS double bang at the end of next year.

  32. i’m really excited to see kristen in this role! -and i love viggo mortensen!

  33. I’ve been hearing rumors about this for some time so it’s great to know that she really got the part. It will be interesting to see how she portrays Snow White!

  34. YES! I’ve seen a bunch of speculation and heard rumors of this role happening, and I must say I am so thrilled. I agree with everyone, I think this is going to be an incredibly different role for her – personally, I envision this role to be much more “theatrical” in its’ portrayal. I think Kristen’s going to do a phenomenal job!


  35. I hope she doesn’t do her typical stuttering and stammering. She does not strike me as Snow White at all!!! I liked her in Panic room when she was 12 (?) That’s about it.

    • If u criticise her acting better to just not watch her movies and leave to those who appreciate and love her acting.

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