Tinsel Korey’s Makeup for Breaking Dawn

Tinsel Korey has given us a look at the unglamorous side of the movie business as she gets a cast made of her face in preparation of being Emily for Breaking Dawn.  The first photo was posted on TinselKoreyOnline and the second photo came right from Tinsel’s twitter.  You can read more details at TinselKoreyOnline.


  1. This is not fun. I did it as a demo at a local science fiction convention a few years ago. Hearing about what they do for some roles points out being an actor is not all fun and games.

  2. Wow didn’t know they went that far.

  3. wow…. um… i have nothing to say about this.

  4. why do they need a cast of her head if she’s not a wolf or anything?

  5. aww that stuff for three scars??/

  6. Ya they have to get a mold of her face to make the prostheics fit perfectly. Its a longggg processs!!

  7. At first I couldn’t figure out WHY they would need a mold of her face. But it seems like it would be for the scars?

  8. Oshin Daniel Lautner says:

    The second picture made me laugh! She’s a great sport! And wow…that dedication really makes me appreciate all the stuff these guys are doing to get this film right for us!
    Team Twilight! <3

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