Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones at The Official Twilight Convention Los Angeles 2011

We are currently at the Official Twilight convention put on by Creation Entertainment. Usually we live tweet the event, but we haven’t been able to get a signal in the ballroom. We took notes and here are the highlights of what Tinsel and Julia spoke about yesterday. Tickets are still available despite a story in the LA Times that incorrectly stated that there weren’t. Booboo Stewart, Bronson Pelltier, Kiowa Gordon, and Jodelle Ferland are on board today and Peter Facinelli swings by on Sunday.

  • If possible to switch, Tinsel wouldn’t have wanted to switch to the part of Leah because she likes the sweet honesty about Emily
  • Tinsel’s inspiration at writing The Letter was a friend who was facing domestic violence issues. She hopes to make a music video fro the song and is talking with The Hillywood Show about possibly producing it.
  • Breaking Dawn changed Tinsel in that she thinks she has acquired a larger fanbase. She’s always worked steadily as an actress and hopes she will continue to do so. She recently started a tumblr site for advice to aspiring actors.
  • Tinsel when she reads the books is Team Edward in the movies she is Team Jacob
  • Tinsel’s pet peeves are annoying people on airlines, people who stand up as soon as the plane lands. She recently had to deal with people who wouldn’t get out of their seats to let her get to a window seat they just moved their feet slightly. She said, “Mam, I’m sorry but I don’t want to crawl over your husband.”
  • Tinsel doesn’t like meeting celebrities because she once met a famous person she looked up to and the person was a jerk and it ruined her image of that person. She doesn’t want her images dashed again. She did recently meet Michelle Rodriguez at a red carpet event and was slightly star struck by her.
  • In honor of Tinsel’s birthday, the girls who run the Tinsel Korey online website gave Tinsel a cake that got a little mushed because “the cake had a fight with the GPS in the car”/ They also collected online and raised $250 for St. Mary’s Foodbank in Arizona which is a cause dear to Tinsel’s heart. Tinsel choked up upon receiving the gift. (see video on St. Mary’s below) Tinsel then told the audience about how she got involved in St, Mary’s and that her other favorite charities are anything involving Native American/First Nations kids in the performing arts.
  • Julia Jones came right from the set and had a bit of a scratchy throat, but she was still really excited for her Q&A

    • Julia feels like shooting the Twilight movies has given her great insight into guys. She feels like she has been backstage at a boys club and hanging with the wolfpack has demystified guys for her a bit.
    • Cee-Lo and Forget You is her favorite song right now
    • Julia didn’t read the books until after she got the role. She just skimmed them before her audition because there wasn’t time. Her friends were big fans and gave her details. Then afterwards she read all the books in a week and was obsessed and now she’s a superfan.
    • Her worst day filming ever was what she calls Black Friday which was the campfire scene in Eclipse. It was pouring rain all night long. they shot from 10:00pm to 6:00am. The tarps only covered three people at a time and they dripped. They would get full and then dump tons of water. Alex Meraz got hit twice by a huge waterfall of water. It was really miserable.
    • Julia got star struck by Geoffrey Rush when she met him after a broadway play.
    • Julia is really gullible and Alex Meraz is always getting her to believe stupid things.
    • Julia loves moviemaking but would be a photojournalist if not into acting.
    • Julia says if you want to get into acting treat it like any other profession and take classes and study

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