JD Pardo is Nahuel, Confirmed By Summit

I just got confirmation from Summit Entertainment that the actor JD Pardo is Nahuel

Rumor had broken earlier this week that he might be Nahuel when Breaking Dawn credits appeared next to his name in an area that typically only agents/managers can access on the IMDB.

JD Pardo has been in several TV series that unfortunately haven’t had much longevity. One of our favorites was American Dreams back in 2004 where he played Matt Perez.


  1. hmmm. I pictured him looking younger.

  2. I am sure once the makeup and all that is on, he will do great. I do have to admit I thought of him looking younger.

  3. Really? He looks too old.

  4. I’m with everyone. I thought of him younger …you know, like Seth’s age? But ok, welcome JD to twilight family =)

  5. Okay… I thought he was a bit dark skinned… At least, that’s how he’s described in the book…

  6. I don’t agree with none of you, I think hes gorgeous, especially the eyes (i think thats how they are describe in the book) and i don’t think he looks old, Calm down!!! with makeup he’ll look 10 years younger!!!

  7. yup…he looks too old. 🙁 not that he’s not cute n all.

  8. I thought Nahuel was black or native….
    All I know is that he’s alot whiter than I expected.

  9. He does look to old to play someone who was suppose to look like a teenager. He stopped aging when he was 7.

  10. He is very handsome…but having been to the Amazon he does not look like any of the natives there!! We’ll have to see what happens after makeup!! I’m not so concerned about his age.

    • He looks Latin, but not like a Mapuche native, I guess. They did the same thing by choosing an African American woman to play Zafrina. In Brazilian Amazon we almost not see African descendents.

      This is not really the best shot of JD. He’s handsome, but too old.

  11. I thought he was suppose to be black? That’s kind of the description in the book.

  12. So weird thing this morning, happened to catch “A Girl Like Me, The Gwen Araujo story”, which JD is in. By the way, he was great, very emotional performance.

    Anyway…in one part is a “biker man” in a convenience store, just happened to be the same “biker” Bella took a ride with in New Moon.

    Thought that was kinda ironic.

    As far as JD playing Nahuel, he does seem a bit miscast for the part, but I have to admit, there have been many casting choices I doubted at first, but after seeing them in the role, was pleasantly surprised.

  13. This is just an awful publicity photo of him , taken at some event. He is 30, but he easily passes for 24 or 25. Look at some of his recent gorgeous photos on his IMDB page. JD will make an amazing Nahuel, can’t wait to see him with the rest of the family! I’m sure his new fans won’t be disappointed. I saw him on CSI NY in a lead part last month & he’s a wonderful young actor.

  14. this isn’t the best picture of him, there are better ones on his imdb page

  15. I loved American Dreams! I was really sad when it got cancelled.

  16. I don’t think hes ‘the’ part i mean he looks more vampire diaries than twilight, I thought he would be much more darker and didn’t nahuel have dreadlocks? tanned skin?

  17. thought Nahuel stopped ageing at 15. He looks too old

  18. i pictured him looking darker and younger

  19. Perfect! Very similar to Jacob, in my opinion. Lol, not on opposite end of the color spectrum, unlike Jacob and Edward, who are different as night and day. I guess Jacob is the day and Nahuel is later that same day. o.O

  20. he is 2 old for mackensie foy


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