Musician Sues Summit Entertainment Over Twilight Tribute

Summit LogoIt’s really starting to seem like it’s official Twilight movie lawsuit month and someone forgot to tell us. Here is the latest in legal action surrounding the Twilight movies:

“An Ohio musician with ambitious plans to have his music heard by fans of “The Twilight Saga” is now suing the film’s distributor, Summit Entertainment, for standing in his way.

Matthew Smith, who works under the moniker Matt Heart, created a song entitled “Eternal Knight” in 2002. This past November, Heart engaged in a bold marketing campaign to connect the song to new audiences.

He posted the song on YouTube and sold it via iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and other sites. Most audaciously, he says he negotiated to distribute and promote the song in various movie theaters for 28 weeks, hoping to reach an estimated 5 million viewers via an agreement with Screen Vision, which sells ads in theaters around the nation.

But Heart got into trouble when he commissioned a CD cover for “Eternal Knight” indicating it was inspired by the “Twilight Saga.” The cover art shows a moon and uses a similar typeface to that of “Twilight’s” movie poster.”

This one has a lot of twists and turns to it. It’s not as obvious as it may seem. Check out the rest of the report on Reuters.


  1. How could it be inspired by Twilight if it was written in 2002? Sounds like someone is just searching for some quick cash…

    • My thougts exactly.

    • I agree that this guy is just out for money, but the lawsuit isn’t about the song being inspired by Twilight. It’s about the CD cover art being too close to the New Moon movie art. SSummit blocked it and the guy is mad.

  2. radiowidow says:

    My eyes are starting to hurt from rolling them so much over these lawsuits that keep popping up. This one especially. Summit said he could repost the song as long as he didn’t reference their property in the cover art so there shouldn’t be a problem. Just another thumb trying to pull a plum out of the Twilight pie.

  3. In truth, it sounds like this guy should have done his homework before he created his CD cover. He wrote the song 9 years ago. Summit’s on his case. He’s trying to use the “Twilight” trademark to make him some cash. It isn’t going to fly.

  4. I suppose that he is pushing them to settle out of court. But I don’t think Summit is really like that. Legally, they seem to generally take a pretty harsh tack.

  5. Many musicians write songs 5 10 or even 15 years prior to releasing it!! Maybe the song sounded a different way or the lyrics were changed. We don’t know the full story and it’s not right for me or anyone else to make assumptions. I am a musician myself and there have been times that i sat on certain songs and then seen or heard something that inspired me to release it. As far as the artwork is concerned , I dont think you can trademark a font or a silhouette or a moon or a forest lmao.


  6. It’s not about the cover artwork, I was just looking online and u can see that Heart has reposted the song for sale as of January 21st 2011 with the same artwork.
    But there was another cover artwork that was released in December same cover but it says inspired by the twilight saga, I’m guessing summit got mad because he referenced twilight.. I’m not a law professor but just from this lame shut down they did, they don’t have a leg to stand on. not to mention I looked at summits trademarks and they don’t own a trademark for music.. go figure, i agree with chris maybe he changed the song to fit the film.. we don’t know we never heard it

  7. Yeah it’s Twilight lawsuit month so, erm, the colour of the Cullen’s eyes is similar to a pair of socks I used to have so I want 50 bazzilion dollars 😉 This is so someone wanting to get some attention, I mean really, inspired by Twilight even though it was written in 2002? Try trading on your own talent for a change.

  8. The point is Summit is trying to step on the Parody and Fair Use Laws, They are wanting to monopoly the Twilight experience and I believe even Stephanie wants fans to be a real part of the experience…

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