Twilight Novels Rank Among the Most Borrowed in the UK in 2010

According to The Guardian, the first four books in the Twilight Saga were among the 100 most borrowed library books in England in 2010. They decided to analyze why Twilight Saga books and others that made the list are so popular. Interesting concept, even if they seem slightly off in their Twilight description as being laced with crime.

“Trying to explain why the wartime British public were turning to “brutal and sordid” American crime novels, George Orwell suggested that pulp fiction offered “a distilled version of the modern political scene” in an era of “mass bombing of civilians, the use of hostages, torture [and] secret prisons”, and “systematic falsification of records and statistics”. The average man, he proposed, “wants the current troubles of the world to be translated into a simple story about individuals”.

Some such theory is needed, 65 years later, to account for the stunning appetite for evil evinced by people popping into their local libraries, as revealed again by the latest data released by Public Lending Right (PLR), covering the period from mid-2009 to mid-2010. Of the 100 most borrowed titles, close to two-thirds are crime novels or thrillers, including all the top 10, and others (such as Stephenie Meyer‘s crime-laden vampire romances) are in related genres.”

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  1. Can you for once get it right. These are not popular because they are ‘crime-laden vampire romances’ – they are popular because they are stories with universal themes that appeal to everyone who has ever been in love, been in a family, had a friend, been faced with difficult choices, who were perceived as ‘different’ and/or who had friends who were perceived as ‘different’; the fact that there are vampires and shapeshifting wolves just presents these eternal themes in a more interesting POV. Sweet Cheezits, I’ll say it again, READ THE BLOODY BOOKS before you make these kind of stupid observations!!!!!!

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