Kaleb Nation Covers The Host Rumors

We were left scratching our heads at some of the things we saw online too. With over 2 million in hardback sales alone as a stand alone, adult, sci-fi novel The Host is a lot of things…sales disappointment isn’t one of them.


  1. I LOVE the Host *whispers* maybe even more than Twilight. and I can’t wait for the film but I’m glad they’re taking their sweet time with the film because it means after Breaking dawn their will still be reason to be excited!!! I wish she would release the 2nd Host book though, Bree excitement has worn off!!!

  2. Sorry.. The Host is one of the worst books I’ve ever read in my life. I really wanted to like it. I was most troubled by the same ‘ol three-way story with two boys loving pretty much one girl. I never got into it but forced myself through it hoping it would get better. I couldn’t give the thing away afterward. Guess that’s just my circle. Don’t take my word for it, though. JMHO.

  3. I loved the Host. I thought it was better written than Twilight with improved characterisation and plot and thought the idea was actually pretty original. The ending (not the very end, leading up to the end) left me in tears. Most of my reading buddies loved it just as much.

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