Jack Huston and Kellan Lutz at New York Fashion Week 2011

Looks like both of Nikki Reed’s onscreen husbands got to hang out together at New York City’s fashion week.

Marie Claire described Kellan Lutz’s appearance for Calvin Klein as, “As one of the current faces – and bodies – of Calvin Klein, it came as little surprise to see Twilight heartthrob Kellan Lutz gracing the menswear show. And he did so in suitable style, in a suave grey suit and light blue tie.”

Check out a photo slide show at Marie Claire UK


  1. They all need to have a serious talk with Kellan about their eye brows! lol Kellans got them all beat! No offense if your fave was sitting there…

  2. they all loooooook sooooooooooooooo weird !
    but in a good way … we’ll always love them …
    LOVE ya my Kellan & Zac …

  3. Talk about a row of hottnes!

  4. Jack Huston and Kellan, please run away from the Disney boys. Well Joe has no how run away, anyway.

    At least The Jonas Brothers the worst are less from the Disney’s factory. The Jonas Brothers.

  5. I touched Joe on the shoulder, arm around Zac for picture and I got a kiss (well 4 actually) from Kellan and still gotta meet Rosalie’s scumbag fiance Royce. LOL By far Kellan is the sweetest most humble and most appreciative Twilight star. I can thank Twilight Lexicon for that experience. Thanks Pel!!!!!

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